Suaoki 222wh Portable Generator Power Source CPAP Lithium Battery Pack Power Supply

 Suaoki 222wh Portable Generator

SUAOKI Portable Generator 222Wh Power Source CPAP Lithium Battery Pack Power Supply with Silent 110V/60Hz, Max 200W AC Power Inverters, DC 12V

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Are you looking for a device to store power to use in emergencies or are you facing troubles to get your work done under power cuts? Well, Suaoki 222wh Portable Generator is a solution for all these issues and that is UPS battery backup generator. In the present day, there are so many UPS batteries available in the market under different brand names because there are so many companies which manufacture these devices due to the demand they have. Although there are many products in the market, we can’t be sure that all these products are efficient. So it is important to select a UPS batter backup generator with good features and efficiency. SUAOKI is one of the best companies which manufacture these UPS battery backup generators and they have products with different capacities and features. Suaoki 222wh Portable Generator power source CPAP Lithium battery pack power supply is one such device comes under their products line up and this can be used to energize your electrics in home and you can use the power stored in this generator to use at many different occasions. Following are some of the important features and factors that you should know about this device.

Product Features

• Comes with 6 versatile outputs which include 2 AC outlets, 2 DC ports and 2 USB ports.
• Integrated with Pure Sine Wave which is better than modified sine wave and generate cleaner current.
• Integrated with Battery Management System (BMS) which improve battery utilization and ensure the safety of the generator.
• Can be recharged with a home wall outlet and a compatible solar panel.


• 5 LED light indicator
• Light in weight
• Portable
• Handle built for comfortable grip

• Less number of output ports

Who Would Buy This Product

This will be useful for any person who want to use power when there is power cut or at any emergency. So basically this will be useful all the people, because we all face power cuts during rainy seasons. Following are some of the uses you will get with device.

• Can charge laptops, mobile phones and other electric devices. Mobile phones can be charged more than 20 times and a laptop can be charged for 2 to 3 times.
• Can be used to power up a camping area
• Can use to power up TVs and any other electric device.

Is It Worth The Money

This generator comes to the market with an approx price tag of $200 dollars and this price range is very fair considering the features integrated in it.

Customer Experience

Almost all the people who bought this product are satisfied with its performance and many of them are successfully using this to charge their phone and laptops and some of them do not forget to carry this for their camping trips.


No record about the warranty has mentioned.


It should be clear that Suaoki 222wh Portable Generator is a good product to have in your home because it can be used to power up your electric devices during a power cut or you can use it to energize your devices at anywhere away from home.

[amazon box=”B06ZXYVG4G”]