Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500, 518Wh Solar Generator for Camping, Outdoor Adventures

Jackery Explorer 500 - Featured ImageJackery Explorer 500 is an outdoor solar generator with 110V/500W AC outlet (solar panel is optional). It is best for going out on adventures such as road trips, beach outings, mountain climbing, and camping. Aside from that, it is useful even in emergencies, too. Is this gadget worth buying? Let’s find out!

Product Features

Product info and Feature List
» Explorer 500, 110V/500W
» 518Wh (24Ah, 21.6V) capacity, ready to power many appliances – mini fridge, blender, cooling fan, projector, lamp light, TV, Laptop
» Built with the lithium-ion battery pack
» Its BMS (Battery Management System) improving the battery life cycle – Protects the battery cells from damage (Over-current, Short-current, Over-discharge, Over-charge, Over-voltage, and Thermal Protection)
» This power station features 1xAC outlet (110V 500W 1000W Peak), 3xUSB-A ports, 2xDC ports, 1xcar port
» Safe designed frame structure to maximize, and long last the power
» Charge and recharge simultaneously
» 3 ways of recharging: Solar Panel, Wall Outlet, Car Outlet
» Designed for portability – same size as a basketball. Explorer 500 is easy to carry
» Jackery Explorer 500 is compact and reliable
» The pure sine wave inverter provides a clean AC supply
» All Jackery power stations have a built-in MPPT controller
» The package includes 1xAC adapter, 1xcar charger cable
» For Road Trip Camping, Road-trip, RV, home backup Outdoor Adventure

Flexible Power Supply

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500 has a standard Pure Sine Wave AC outlet. It can supply stable power to various kinds of AC devices (under 500W) such as televisions, heaters, small blenders, mobile phones, and laptops. Its standard carport and USB ports can also charge car appliances like car coolers and vacuums and air pumps. You can enjoy any outdoor activity without a hitch.

Compact and Convenient Power Station

The Jackery Explorer 500 is lightweight, handy, and can be recharged in 3 different ways. First, it can be recharged with the Jackery SolarSaga 100W solar panel within 16 hours in direct sunlight. Take note that this solar panel is sold separately. Second, it can be recharged from a carport within 11 – 12 hours. The charging cable is already included in the package. And lastly, it can be recharged from an AC wall outlet within 7 – 8 hours. Wherever you are, you can charge this baby easily and have it ready for your next adventure or prepare it as an emergency device if ever a disaster is about to strike.Jackery Explorer 500 - 7 Outputs for Outdoor devices

Endless Power Outdoors

It is best for a recreational vehicle or RV since it can be easily stashed in RVs or any trailers. It can power an RV’s lights and fan and all your important electronic devices. It is also perfect if you plan on having an outdoor party that needs to power up small appliances such as a blender, a projector for movies, and some LED lights to brighten the mood.


Its Pure Sine Wave Inverter guarantees safe powering of delicate devices such as mobile phones and laptops without causing any damages. It has a battery managing system or BMS that controls and protects from overheating, over-current and over-voltage problems that will keep you and your devices safe during use. Since it is solar-powered, no gasoline is needed and no fumes will be emitted. Noise is also minimized. Another good news is that it can be used indoors, too.


Jackery Explorer 500 is Lightweight and handy
• With safety & protection measures
• Can charge multiple devices simultaneously
• Can withstand high temperature
• Environment friendly
• With built-in LED flashlight and handle
Jackery Explorer 500 - Big Capacity | Powering up to 7 devices• Has digital display
• Silent
• Perfect for any outdoor activity and emergency back-up
• 3 ways of charging
• Can last up to 500 recharge cycles


• Cannot charge devices over 500W
• Not waterproof

Who Would Buy This Product?

People who love going on any outdoor trips will love this product. Not only that, but it will also be perfect for those who live in places with frequent power interruptions. A great device to have during emergencies, too.

Is This Worth Buying?Jackery Explorer 500 - Backup power for your family in the event of a blackout

This Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500 costs around $500. It has a lot of benefits, which makes it an excellent and highly-recommended product. You may think it’s a bit pricey, but it will help you save electricity and money in the long run, so it will still be worth your money. With a 2-year warranty, it surely is a good investment to have.

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Customer Experience

With high customer review ratings, people who purchased this product loved it. It received 4.8 star ratings out of 5. That’s really impressive. Purchasing this product, you would not regrets. It is a powerful gadget and will be a great gift to yourself or your loved ones.buy at amazon


If you want an excellent purchase, have something that will last for a long time, and the environment safe, then you need to buy this Jackery Explorer 500. The Jackery power station will not disappoint you.

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