Bluetti EB3A Portable Power Station 268Wh LiFePO4 Battery 600w

Bluetti Portable Power Station EB3A with 268Wh LiFePO4 Battery Backup w/ 2 600W (1200W Surge) AC Outlets

Bluetti EB3A is one of the smallest UPS power stations but it packs a ton of features into this small package. An incredible Powerhouse with 268Wh, 600W. Incredible power as well as incredibly convenient. New features such as an updated display, UPS mode, and app are innovative and value-adding. EB3A Bluetti was designed to travel with you as a reliable source of portable power that’s as easy to use as it is to recharge.

Take your outdoor experience to the next level. Power your necessary devices on the go and have fun on the road. Charge the way you like with options for 6 ways to charge. EB3A has a 600W PSW (Pure Sine Wave) Inverter and 268Wh LiFePO4 battery. Gives you enough power to cover almost all your needs – powering your daily electronics for hours. It’s tiny but mighty.

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Product Features and Highlights

Bluetti EB3A might look small but powerful
600W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (1,200W surge)
268Wh LiFePO4 battery pack, and 9 outlets
Power essential devices on the go or during a home power outage
Ultra-fast Charging 80% SOC in just 30 min
430W Max. Fast Dual Charging (Solar+AC)
Premium BMS technology. LiFePO4 Battery with 2,500+ Life Cycles to 80%
6 Ways to Recharge (AC/Solar/Car/Generator/AC+Solar/AC+Adapter
9 Outputs for Charging Multiple Devices at once
Built-in MPPT controller supports up to 200W of solar input
Smart Control & Monitor in BLUETTI App
Bluetti EB3A instantly provides backup power when the grid fails
Easy to Carry/ Fast Charging/ Safe & Reliable/ Cost-effective



EB3A Bluetti is designed for travel convenience and to serve as a reliable source of power that’s as easy to use and recharge. It’s only around 10 pounds by weight and the size is 10 inches by 7 by 7. Easy to carry and travel with. Despite its lightweight, this portable power station can provide an impressive 268 Wh of energy storage. Now, this Bluetti is plastic-fantastic. It does have rubberized feet on the bottom and a folding handle. Suitable for camping, RV living, or working remotely – easy to carry and travel with. Portable power for a sustainable lifestyle

Bluetti EB3A Solar Generator - Solar Charging

Huge Capacity

Despite its lightweight, it can holster an impressive 268 Wh of energy storage. It packs a big 600W inverter and can be charged in under one hour. That also makes it the fastest charging micro-generator on the market today. Inside this EB3A is a 268 Wh Lithium iron phosphate battery rated at 2500 cycles to 80% capacity. 268Wh LiFePO4 battery backup w/ 2 600W (1200W Surge) AC outlets.

LCD Display & Bluetti App

As for the display, this does have a fully-upgraded color LCD front display. It displays battery %, state of charge, plus input and output wattage, as well as icons for various warnings and different modes. It also does offer a countdown timer for charge and discharge times. EB3A makes it easier than ever to monitor your current charge and recharge statuses.
Combined with the Bluetti App, you can monitor and control your energy usage and charging rates via Bluetooth. Always update to the latest firmware via OTA (over-the-air) or through WiFi. The intuitive App offers a truly convenient experience from the palm of your hand. Thus giving you quicker access through Bluetooth within a radius of 10m – keeping it under your control around the clock.

Information on LCD Screen:
– Remaining Time Indicator
– AC/DC Indicator
– Input/Output Power
– Battery Capacity
– ECO Mode/UPS Indicator
– Error Warning/Alert
– Remaining charge/discharge time.

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Whether you need to replenish your portable power station quickly, using the sun, or quietly, Bluetti has you covered. You now have more flexibility with the new EB3A, as you can recharge it using its AC charging cable, a car outlet, or via solar panels.

There are 3 basic ways to Charge:
1st, of course, is by AC wall outlet. This plugs directly into the front of the unit, and then you just plug it into the wall.

The charger is actually built-in. Inside the app. there are 3 different charging modes available:
– The default is the standard mode, where it will charge from the wall at 268 watts max or 1C. In standard mode, it will charge from dead to full in about two hours.
– Silent mode will actually charge even slower, but the fan will not operate. So if you’re trying to charge this in a room where you don’t want noise, you can put it in silent mode.
– In Turbo mode, it will charge at a whopping 400 watts. Now it does say on the website 350 watts, but from practical experience, it actually pumps 400 watts into the battery.
For a tiny 260-watt battery to pump 400 watts into it is pretty incredible. In turbo mode, this little Bluetti will charge from 0 to 80% in just slightly over 30 minutes.

A full charge takes somewhere around 75 minutes

Now, the 2nd way to charge:
Charge with solar panel at up to 200 watts. So the EB3A does support 200-watt solar from 12 to 28 volts.
Under perfect sky conditions, with a 200-watt panel, you could expect to charge from dead to full in somewhere around 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

3rd way to charge:
This will also charge from the vehicle’s 12 or 24-volt charge point. Now, if it’s a 12-volt source, it’ll take about 4 hours to charge (dead to full), which actually isn’t too bad. Time will be cut to half if charging from a 24-volt source.

And yes, if you have a 24-volt battery, you can charge it directly through the solar port.

Now this Bluetti EB3A does in fact support dual charging.
You can also combine both DC solar and AC power at the same time for an ultra-speedy recharge or actually two AC sources.
Options for 6 ways to Recharge: Go for an off-grid living anytime with no fear of losing power. Bluetti EB3A can be recharged in almost every way possible, either via AC, solar panels, car, generator, AC+Solar, or AC+Adapter. Ensuring peace of mind on the road. No bulky power brick, a single cable is good to charge it at most 350W. * Ask the seller for a free solar charging cable.

Support Pass-Through charging – You can power your devices while the unit is recharging. On the product page under a picture of the battery–TINY BUT MIGHTY it says “Support pass-through charging”


Solar Charge

As for the recommendation, a 200-watt solar panel for this unit is recommended. You can either get Bluetti’s own PV 200 panel or if you prefer you can buy a cheaper one. As for the inverter, the EB3A supports a 600-watt Pure Sine inverter with a 1200-watt surge capacity. That’s through a pair of 15 amp outlets. However, this new Bluetti has a feature, called “Power Lifting Mode”. This feature works by lowering the voltage while raising the amps. This way, the product that you’re trying to power thinks it’s getting the amps it needs when in fact, you’re lowering the voltage. In reality, you’re not really ever pulling more than 600 watts. The inverter is doing a little trick.

The total Open Circuit Voltage should be between 12-28V and equipped with the MC4 connector. 1 x Bluetti PV120 / PV200 is recommended.

Bluetti EB3A Portable Power Station - Ultra Fast Recharging Bluetti EB3A Portable Power Station - Power Anything, Anywhere


LiFePO4 battery guarantees 2,500+ cycles to 80% of its original capacity. The EB3A is powered by LiFePO4 battery cells for longevity through over 2,500 charging cycles. This ensures it maintains 80% of its original capacity when it reaches that point in its lifecycle. 3-6X Longer – at least 4 years of service life if you use twice a day. LiFePO4 batteries are very safe compared to standard batteries. They’re your best bet … until some futuristic culture makes a perfect power cell. Bluetti EB3A has Premium BMS (Battery Management System) technology.


Now please note, that in order to keep the price competitive on the EB3A, Bluetti decided not to include a 12V charging cable or a solar charging cable. If you need one of those cables, just add them at checkout. If you already own another Bluetti that uses those cables, they are definitely backward compatible as long as it’s an 8mm. It’ll fit in here just fine. So, if you’ve got an older Bluetti, you can reuse those cables, you don’t have to buy them again.

Ports/ Outlets

EB3A has enough ports for simultaneous charging – 9 Outlets for All Needs. It has a flexible charging capability to accommodate a wide range of charging needs. No more vying with family or friends for a quick charge. Includes Classic AC and DC output, 100W Type-C, Car socket, and even Wireless charger. Everyone will be taken good care of, regardless you’re at home or staying outside.

As for output, its pure sine-wave inverter can deliver 600 watts to the devices you’re charging, through two available AC outlets. It’s worth mentioning, that you can charge 9 different devices at once. In addition to the 2 x AC outlets, the Bluetti EB3A comes with 2 X Standard USB-A ports and 1 X 100W USB-C port. Other DC outputs include 2 x 12V/10A outlets with pins and 1 X carport.
2 x 600W AC Outlets (1200W surge) | 1 x 100W Type-C+2 x USB-A | 1 x Wireless charger | 1 x Car Port+2 x DC 5521

Bluetti EB3A - 9 versatile Outlets Bluetti EB3A - LiFePO4 Battery lasts 6X Longer

Uses and what can it Power up

This product is focused on your portable power needs, such as camping, RVing, powering small appliances, or during a blackout. Your best friend when there’s no AC power available. There is enough juice in this to run the average 12V compressor fridge for a full 24 hours. If you use a CPAP machine, this is also great because it does offer those 5.5mm outputs of the 12-volt port, which can run many CPAP machines. You can easily run CPAP for a couple of nights on this as long as you turn off your humidifier. With its 600W(1200W surge) Pure Sine Wave AC inverter, this solar generator has enough power to cover most of your appliances under 600W. You could run a small blender, mini rice cooker, or small refrigerator.
How long will EB3A can power a device? Working time (estimation) = 268Wh * 0.85 / operating power of your device. (0.85=Conversion Rate). Kindly note the actual working time may vary under different circumstances.
*Please note, The AC inverter, DC regulator, or LCD screen will consume a certain amount of power under standby mode, so please long press the AC/DC Power Button to shut down the unit completely when not in use.

Bluetti EB3A - Unlock the Solar Power Bluetti EB3A - Mobile App. Monitor and Control

Better than standard + Extras

Harness the Power of Sun – The built-in Advanced MPPT controller supports up to 200W of solar input. Thus enabling you to make an ideal solar generator with BLUETTI PV120/PV200 solar panel.
With its 600W(1200W surge) Pure Sine Wave AC inverter, this solar generator can power up most of your appliances under 600W.
EB3A Portable power station has Premium Battery Management System (BMS) technology.
You can power your devices while the unit is recharging (Support Pass-Through charging)
It supports dual charging – You can also combine DC solar and AC power at the same time for an ultra-speedy recharge. Even you could use two AC sources.
Fast charging capability: 0-80% in just 40 Minutes (others: 3.5 Hours).
Finally, this does have a built-in flashlight. Bluetti does offer a 24-month limited manufacturer’s warranty on this product.


Many cool features are packed into this little box at this price.
500Wh Compact Lithium Power Station.
300W Inverter with Dual AC Sockets.
The built-in 600-watt UPS at this size is just amazing.
12V Regulated Cigarette Lighter Charger.
Advanced MPPT Controller Built-in.
LED Lantern with SOS Function.
Fastest charging rates of any micro-generator on the market.
That turbo mode is great and dual charging is even faster.
This has a 2500-cycle battery compared to 500 cycles for the EcoFlow River and others.
Bluetti’s app, unlike the competition, doesn’t require the user to sign up.


Lithium Battery Pack | Limited Surge Power.
The lack of USB Quick charge ports.
One of the other annoying things is the screen shutting off too fast.
The last one is for having the AC input on the front.
But this isn’t a deal-breaker by any means, it’s just annoying.

Safety is in the Details

Experience increased safety brought by LiFePO4 battery and BMS (Battery Management System). Compared to traditional Lithium-ion cells, the LiFePO4 battery EB3A adopts possesses a natural advantage. Due to its remarkable thermal and chemical stability, giving you better performance and a longer life cycle (2,500 cycles to 80%). While BMS is at all times monitoring and protecting your device from every potential risk. LiFePO4 Battery is Safe & Reliable.
UPS in EB3A instantly provides backup power when the grid fails, protecting your desktop PC, file servers, and other sensitive devices from data loss or damage.
Protection in your every operation with the Battery Management System (BMS) – protects from overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, etc.

BLUETTI Portable Power Station EB3A - Power Has No Boundaries


Bluetti EB3A is designed to be more energy-efficient than traditional generators. It is so light in terms of weight, doing its part to help you reduce carbon emissions to the environment. EB3A is compact enough, but you can count on it with big jobs. Whether it be a small blender, mini rice cooker, or small refrigerator, it gets you all covered. Thanks to the 600W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (1200W surge) and an impressive 268Wh capacity. With EB3A, you will never run out of power. Impressive power doesn’t have to be in big size. Suitable for various occasions.
Features 430W Fast Charging that enables an 80% charge in the time it takes you to drink a cup of coffee or have chitchat, providing sufficient power on demand. In Turbo mode: 80% Charge in 30 Minutes. Dual Charging: Get You Ready in the Shortest Time. AC charging is dominant with AC+Solar/AC+Adapter charging as auxiliary alternatives.

What You Get: The Bluetti EB3A portable power station, AC charging cable, user manual, 24-month warranty, and friendly customer service.
Like what you see? Great! Order your Bluetti EB3A power station today.

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