Suaoki Led Camping Lantern

Solar Led Camping Lantern Lights by Suaoki, Collapsible, Emergency Phone Charger

SUAOKI Led Camping Lanterns for Lighting - Two Charging OptionsLed Camping Lantern (by Suaoki) is the smartest Lantern to enlighten your way. It has a dual charging system. You could choose between charging with a USB port or with a built-in solar panel. Obviously, a better choice when going camping and being able to use free solar energy! Going green is a step closer with Suaoki lantern!
The lantern has 3 brightness modes: Low, High, and SOS blinking. Enabling you to get the maximum or minimum brightness as needed. No matter where you are or what situation you are in, this lantern will conform to fit all of your needs, even in the case of an emergency!
The Suaoki LED Lantern Lights comes in an accordion-shape design. Makes it be used in multiple scenarios & spaces. Making it easy to expand or collapse. This all-around LED Lantern gadget is suitable for adults & kids and makes for a great night light in your tent.

Main Features:
1. This solar collapsible lantern has three lighting modes: low, high, and SOS flashing.
2. Running time: Low-brightness running time about 12 hrs, High-brightness running is about 5 hrs.
3. It is great for travel or emergencies. Collapse it to be a mini flashlight and takes a small space to carry.
4. This Suaoki product supports regular 5V USB charging, also it can be charged by the solar panel.
5. Built-in 800mA battery, so it can charge your phone for an emergency.SUAOKI Led Camping Lanterns for Lighting - 3 Lighting Modes

LED Camping Lantern by Suaoki is more than a Lantern. Thanks to its convenient design. The Lantern can be used as a high-powered flashlight when it is compressed. Perfect for situations where you need a concentrated source of light during camping, hiking, trekking, adventuring, or other similar activities. Plus, the low mode lets you use the lantern as a reading or area light when you need a dimmer light source. The flashing mode makes it great during emergencies. The lantern has a built-in 800 mAh battery. It can be charged via solar panel or fully charged just in 4 hours through a Micro USB cable. Plus, an additional USB output lets you plug in your smartphone, tablet, or other small gadgets. Thus making you worry-free even while you’re out there adventuring. SUAOKI Led Camping Lanterns for Lighting - For Camping, Charging, Night Hiking, Reading at nightThis product weighs just 5.6 ozs and can be collapsed to half of its height into a convenient carry puck-like shape. The shape and the hard-plastic outer case act as a shell and protect the unit during transport. You can throw it into your backpack or carry it and not have to worry about extra weight or damage to the unit itself.

Product Features

• A must-have gadget to add to your camping and fishing gear.
• Dual re-charging methods: Can be charged directly from the sun or via a micro USB port
• Portable, foldable and durable – Takes up only a small space and can be folded down.
• Takes the least space in your backpack.
• 3 lighting modes; High, Low, and SOS blinking for any outdoor recreation or emergency.
• This lantern is able to work more than 10 hours in Low mode and 5 hours in high.
• It can be used as a regular Lantern flashlight, or as a power bank charger.SUAOKI Led Camping Lanterns for Lighting - Charging ports & Indicator
• Smart Protection Chip: protects from overcharging, over-discharging and over-circuit.
• Ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, or as late-at-night porch readings.
• This nifty gadget can also charge your smartphones & tablets.

Product Specs

• Solar Charge Input Voltage (750W/㎡) ≥5.5V
Max. Luminous Flux of High-brightness ≥65 lm
• Max. Luminous Flux of low-brightness ≥25 lm
• Run Time after Fully Charged (high-brightness) ≥5 Hr
• Run Time after Fully Charged (low-brightness) ≥10 Hr
• Run Time after Fully Charged (Flashing) ≥6 Hr
• Wight: 5.6 oz
• Batteries 1 800mAh Lithium Polymer battery (included)

Package Contents

• 1 x Suaoki Solar Camping LED Lantern • 1 x Micro USB Cable • 1 x User Manual

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