Renogy Phoenix 300 Power Station

Renogy Phoenix 300 (337WH) Solar Generator: The Smallest and Lightest Portable Power

Renogy Phoenix 300 - Full viewRenogy Phoenix 300 is a powerful solar generator and is one of the best on the market at the time of this review. This type of device is suitable for all users who love spending some time when doing their favorite outdoor activities. Finding a good solar power station can help you power up any electrical devices at any time you want.

This device can store up to 337Wh on its battery. Its battery storage will allow you to have flexibility in charging some of your devices, such as digital cameras, laptops, drones, smartphones, CPAP machines, etc.

Product Features

Product info & Feature List
» Renogy Phoenix 300 can provide up to 300W total continuous output
» 337Wh Portable Solar Generator
» Battery Backup Supply. UL listed (23400mAh) lithium-ion battery
» Renogy Phoenix 300 can reach more than 1000 life cycles
» 110V 2 x pure sine wave AC outlets deliver clean, silent, and reliable 200W power
» Equipped with a 60W quick charge Type-C port and 18W USB-A port for a 60% faster charging time
» Advanced BMS enables short-circuit protection, voltage control, temperature control, overload protection and more advanced safety operations
» Power 8 devices at the same time
» 3 Recharging Methods: Car port, Solar Panel, Wall Outlets
» Package includes 1* USB-A to USB-C Cable, 1* USB-C to USB-C Cable, 1* Solar Connectors to 5.5mm DC Adapter Cord, 1* AC/DC Adapter
» Small and Lightweight. Product Dimensions: 7.1 x 6.1 x 5.6 inches, Item Weighs: 6.39 pounds
» The Phoenix can be recharged and deliver DC Power to your devices simultaneously (except AC power is not available when is being recharged)
» Powerful LED flashlights on both sides of the folding handle
» For charging anything from laptops, tablets, smartphones, handheld video game consoles, drones, cameras, mini-fridges, lights, speakers, TVs, CPAP machines and much more.
» For Home, Camping, Outdoor, Off-grid events, Tailgating, Emergency and Home backup
» Solar panel required specifications: Open Circuit Voltage between 12V-25V, Max.120W (final input solar power)

Faster Charging Time

This is the first benefit offered by this Renogy Phoenix Portable Generator. This power station has a powerful 60W quick charge or QC USB-C port as well as 18W USB-A port. This power delivery or PD system ports can charge devices 60% faster than the average. It will charge your smartphones and laptops at top speed, and will revive your MacBook Air in less than 2 hours.

Ultimate Safety

This Renogy power station is supported by its safety features. Some safety features are added to this device for improving the overall safety performances and quality of the unit. Its battery management system or BMS can be used to control the temperature and offer multi-protections such as overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, and voltage protection. It will prevent any malfunction problems on this power station and all of your electrical devices.Renogy Phoenix 300 - Massive Capacity

Portable Design

When we are talking about this device, we cannot forget about its portable design. This Renogy Phoenix 300 is specially designed to be light. Its weight is only about 6.4 pounds. Its dimension is about 7.1 x 6.1 x 5.6 inches. This dimension is suitable for you who want to bring this device to any of your favorite outdoor spots.

Long-lasting product material

This power station is mainly made from the best Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or ABS. This material is chosen because it has a great response to the high temperature. Therefore, you can use this power station in any outdoor area without having to cause any problems.

Eco-friendly battery

Renogy Phoenix 300 - Versatile Powering OptionsIf you care about the environment, this solar generator could be a right choice for you. This unit is powered by its lithium-ion battery. This battery is believed to be one of the most used rechargeable batteries in the world today. This battery contains a lower level of toxic heavy metals compared to the other batteries.

Is It Worth the Money?

Are you looking for a good power station with a small design and lightweight? This Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator will be a good fit for you. It will worth the money because you can get the power that you need at any time you want for the price it is retailing. You won’t have to worry about finding any other power sources for supplying energy for your electric devices (if the devices that you want to power up is sufficient).

Who Would Buy This Product?

This power station is especially recommended for those who love lots of outdoor activities such as Camping, Road trips etc and carry their daily use essential electrical gadgets along with them. It will be very easy for you to carry this unit with you because it has a portable design – Lightweight & small size. This device will also deliver fast charging for your devices.

ProsRenogy Phoenix 300 - Dual inputs and Fast charging

• Comes with Pure Sine Wave inverter thus offering power to any sensitive devices safely and efficiently
• Ultimate safety features, such as BMS (battery management system), temperature control, overcurrent protection, etc.
• Powerful LED flashlights on both sides for lighting in the dark
• Small size and Lightweight (6.4 lbs)
• Decent material and output ports


• It Takes a While to Charge
• Not as powerful as Gas Generators

Customer Experience

Amazon Call to Action ButtonRenogy Phonix 300 has star rating scores of about 4.2 out of 5 which is over 80% people are happy with their purchase. Some are unhappy with the product for various reasons or they expected more from this device. However, majority seems fairly satisfied with the performance offered by this unit. Most are happy with the QC USB- C port for fast charging plus the Lightweight & portability. This portable power station is good enough to help you charge most of your devices at any time you want.

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