RAVPower Power Station Portable 300W, Model RP-PB187

RAVPower 300W Portable Power Station with Lithium Battery for Outdoor Uses

RAVPower Power Station RP-PB187 Full ViewRAVPower Power Station 252.7Wh can be a great solution for you who love traveling. The company Ravpower has a lot of experience in offering the best power station devices on the market today. You can get advantages by choosing the best device from this brand. One of the most popular devices from this company is the RAVPower 300W Power Station Backup Power.

Product Features

Incredible 60W PD Input and Output

This device can allow you to meet any of your power supply needs. You can recharge any of your devices, including smartphones, laptops, and any other devices that you bring immediately. You don’t need to wait for too long when using this powerful device. For example, this device can be used to revive your Macbook Pro in less than 3 hours.

Work well with any solar panels

RAVPower Power Station 70200mAh - High Capacity (connect multiple devices)

RAVPower RP-PB187 power station is suitable for you who love doing some outdoor activities. When you are running out of energy when you are camping or doing any other outdoor activities, you can recharge your device with this powerful device. It is recommended for you to use a solar panel with an output below 80 watts.

High-Density LG Battery

When you look at the inside part of this power station, you are going to find its premium LG 18650 battery. This battery allows this device to store up to 252.7 watts hour or 70200 mAh of power with its compact size.

Heat Dissipation Outlet

This is another useful feature that you can find from this device. This device has its built-in fan which will operate quietly which is below 50dB for ensuring smooth operation. This fan will be turned on when the temperature reaches 122’ Fahrenheit. It also has an automatic turn-off function which will turn off the fan when the temperature is less than 122’ Fahrenheit.

RAVPower Power Station RP-PB187 - Stay Powered

Is It Worth the Money

Buying RAVPower 252.7Wh Power Station will definitely be worth your money. You will always get the best benefits from this unit. When you are using this unit, you can also get access to some modes of lighting, including flashing, SOS, and solid on. All of these lighting modes can be used in an emergency situation. When you buy this unit now, you will also get an additional carrying case as an extra bonus.

Who Would Buy This Product

If you love doing some outdoor activities, you should never forget to bring this device with you. It will help you meet all of your electrical needs at any time you want. It can be used in an emergency situation because it comes with some emergency lighting modes.


• Multiple ways to recharge this RAVPower 70200mAh power station. Can be recharged with a wall outlet, solar panel charger, or car charger

RAVPower Power Station 252.7Wh - Various Ports

• Lithium Battery Inside which can last for a long time

• Pure Sine Wave for Protecting All Users Needs
• Easy to bring and carry on


• Some customers complain that the battery drains very quickly.

Customer Experience

Many people are interested in using this powerful RAVPower device in their daily life. This portable power station gets about 4.8 stars out of 5 rating scores. This rating shows the overall performance of this unit. Most customers are satisfied with the best result offered by this unit.


Amazon Call to Action ButtonAre you ready for the next outdoor adventure? You can bring along this incredible RavPower Power Station RP-PB187 with you for your Outdoor activities. This power station can help you power up some of your essential devices, such as mini-fridge, smartphone, camera, tablet, mini radio, etc. It is also easy for you to turn on this device. You can simply press the AC output button for about 5 seconds for turning on the AC output.

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