Enginstar 300W Portable Power Station

EnginStar Portable Power Station 300W Power Bank for Outdoors Camping Travel Hunting Emergency Use

Enginstar Portable Power Station 300W - Full ViewEnginStar 300W Power Bank has a huge capacity which can be up to 298-watt hours. With this capacity, this device can meet all electrical needs of any of your devices. You can bring this power station to any of your favorite places easily. With its compact size, which is around 9 x 5.5 x 7.5 inches, you can bring this portable power station easily. It is suitable for you who want to enjoy your outdoor camping activities.

Product Features

Get the power anywhere

This Enginstar Portable Power Station is supported by its solar generator. This solar generator will deliver up to 12V-25V power. This solar generator can be fully charged by using solar panels in about 7 – 8 hours with full sunlight. You will never have to worry about your outdoor needs anymore.

Pure Sine Wave AC Output

This is another unique feature that is available in this unit. This function has a better function than the modified sine wave. This pure sine wave power is specially added to this device for protecting any of your sensitive devices. You will never cause any problems with your device when using this power station.Enginstar Portable Power Bank 300W - Green power solar generator in use

US-Standard Safety Protections

This device is designed to be safe and secure for all of your needs. There are some safety protections on this device, including over current, overload, over-voltage, over-temperature, overcharging, and also short circuit protection. All of these features are available in this unit, so you can use this device safely.

Power up your CPAP machine

If you are a regular user of the CPAP machine, you should bring this machine Enginstar R300 anywhere you are. This machine is compatible with any of the popular CPAP devices that are available on the market today. You can use this power station for powering up your CPAP machine safely. You can run your CPAP machine for up to 2 – 4 nights when using this powerful power station.

Enginstar R300W Power Station - What can you charge or power upLong-lasting lithium-ion battery

This is another recommended feature that is offered by this unit. This power station is powered up by its lithium-ion battery cell. This battery can deliver long-lasting performance for fulfilling any of your needs.

Is Enginstar 300W Worth the Money?

It is worth it for you to buy this power station. When using this device, you don’t have to worry about the backup power anymore. It is suitable for your outdoor, hunting, or any other emergency uses.

Who Would Buy This Product?

This powerful power station is suitable for you who want to spend a few nights in the outdoor areas. This power station can give you enough power for supplying electricity for any of your devices. It will work well by converting solar energy into electricity.

ProsEnginstar 300W Portable Power Station - Huge capacity of 298Wh

• Portable design with 9 x 5.5 x 7.5 inches dimension
• Suitable for any devices with less than 300-watt power consumption
• Huge capacity which is about 298 watt-hour


• Doesn’t include the solar panel. You have to purchase the solar panel separately.


When you buy this product today, you are going to be protected by its warranty. This Enginstar Portable Power Station 298Wh comes with a 30-day warranty from the company. This warranty will help you replace any broken parts of your device immediately. You can simply contact its customer service. Their customer services are ready for 24 days every day.Enginstar Portable Power Station 298Wh - 3 ways of recharging

Customer Experience

Generally, this device can meet the expectations of the users. Many customers are happy with the performance of this unit. It has about 4.5 stars out of 5 ratings. These good reviews can ensure that you will be happy with the overall performance of this unit.

ConclusionAmazon Call to action

Enginstar 300W Portable Power Station is a good choice for those who want to get back-up energy when you are doing any of your outdoor activities. With all the safety features on this device, you will never have to worry about the overall safety of this unit. It is recommended for you to read the manual instructions, so you know how to operate.

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