Baldr 330W Power Station Portable Solar Generator

BALDR Portable Power Station 330W with QC3.0&TypeC SOS Flashlight, Wireless Charger, and BMS

Baldr 330w portable power station - Full ViewBaldr 330W Power Station is a great choice and is very useful for helping you with any of your power needs. There is a number of popular portable solar generators that are available in today’s market. One of the most popular is this BALDR 330W Portable Power Station. Many people are using this device due to its powerful features and performance. This device can be operated by all users easily and very quickly. you can get immediate power by using this power station at any time you need.

Product Features

Has a Portable Design

It is one of the most common reasons why this device can be a perfect option for you. This power station has a portable design, so you can get a power supply at any time and anywhere you want. You can take this portable power station for accompanying you for camping, outings, camping, and many other places where you are going to want to visit, particularly if it is a remote area and power supply may not be readily available.

Equipped with Some Safety Features

The manufacturer of this power station always wants to provide the best safety feature for all users. Some safety features include over-power, over-voltage, overcharging, and also overheating protection. All of these features are added to the device, so you can use this device safely.

LED and also Wireless ChargeBaldr 330w portable power station - Light weight & Small size & Easy to carry

It is easy for you to charge this Baldr 330W with its LED and wireless system. You will never have to deal with any issues in charging the device. Its wireless charging system is very useful to ensure that you can feel comfortable when charging your device. This device can be fully charged at a very quick rate. Its charging time will be around 5 – 8 hours depending on your unit. It will use its battery management system (BMS) for improving battery utilization.

Is It Worth the Money

With all features offered by this device, this power station can be a perfect option for everyone. Its price is pretty cheap compared to the overall performance and quality of this unit. You can charge any of your devices easily when bringing this device to your favorite outdoor areas.

Baldr 330w portable power station - Quick Charge and Multiple OutputsWho Would Buy This Product?

This product is suitable for you who want to have a power backup when you are visiting any of your favorite destinations. You can use this power station for both and outdoor uses. It is compatible with the 100W solar panel. This solar panel can be connected to the power station for charging this device easily.


• No dangerous gasoline and toxic fumes produced by this power station
• Large capacity with 297Wh power capacity
• Suitable for charging mobile devices, GPS, notebook, walkie-talkies, cameras, holiday lights, etc.
• Complete features with mini cooler, camera, LED light, and TV.


• Cannot support any devices using more than 330W power, such as blender, rice cooker, induction cooker, heater, microwave oven, coffee maker, etc.Baldr 330w portable power station - Charging multiple devices


This product is protected by its 30-day refund guarantee and also a 2-year warranty. This warranty will protect you from any issues when using Baldr 330w portable power station during this period.

Customer Experience

This product gets a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating. This rating shows that most users are happy with the performance of this unit. If you would like to buy a good power station, this device can be a perfect fit for you.


Amazon Buy now buttonAs a portable solar generator, Baldr 330W Power Station works very perfectly for offering the power you need for any of your devices. This power unit has a portable design, so you can bring this device to any place that you want to go and serve its purpose easily. It weighs only about 7.6 pounds. Many people love using this device because of its lightweight design. You can stay charged in any place that you want.

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