Zamp 140 Watt Portable Solar Panel

Zamp 140 Watt Folding Portable Solar Panel Kit USP1002

Zamp solar Legacy Series 140W Portable Solar Panel Kit - Open viewProduct info & Feature List
» Zamp solar Legacy Series 140W Portable Solar Panel Kit USP1002
» Best-in-class Grade A monocrystalline solar cells
» Treated with AR (anti-reflective) coating to maximize light absorption
» Integrated weather-resistant 10A digital charge controller that protects your battery & panel and lets you monitor your power
» Extend your battery’s life 3x
» Equipped with a digital display and LED indicators to show charging status and battery condition
» 25-year Limited Peak Power output warranty. Off-Grid Solar Panels to Last a Lifetime
» This is a complete solar system. Includes: The panel, 10-amp charge controller, nylon carrying case, 15-foot cable
» Durable rugged nylon carrying case. Slim, easy-to-store case
» Comes with both SAE plug and alligator clips to connect
» Compatible with Zamp Solar Ready RV ports
» No installation required. Set up can be done in less than 5 min
» The support legs on this portable kits can open/close easily and smoothly
» Product Dimensions: ‎32.4 x 21.5 x 3.1 inches, Weighs: ‎40.2 pounds
» Off-Grid Solar Power for RV Battery Charging and your portable appliances
» Charge any 12V battery or battery bank
» Zamp Solar 140 Watt Solar Kit is the most flexible and efficient solar option
» Made in the USA using the finest materials available

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Zamp solar Legacy Series 140W Portable Solar Panel Kit - Back ViewWhen you are looking for a solar charging system for your RV, Zamp Solar 140 Watt Solar Kit is one of the best one available in the current market. What makes this solar charging system stand out is that it works very well for a wide variety of campers.
If you require medium energy, then 140 watts can deliver the power that is needed even in some cloudy situations. Well, this is why these panels can be termed as a practical option.

Features of Zamp Solar 140 Watt Solar Kit

Make use of the best material

What makes these solar panels stand out is that they make use of monocrystalline in their construction. The frame has a compressed aluminum frame. Plus, tempered glass is also put to use for making these solar panels.
The manufacturer made use of these materials so that the panels can stand the test of time.

Zamp solar Legacy Series 140W Portable Solar Panel Kit - Folded LockedThe panels are lightweight and portable

The Zamp Solar 140 Watt Solar Kit is lightweight, so it becomes much easy for you to carry these panels around. They weigh about 33lbs only, and this is a significant edge.
When you purchase these solar panels, then you can get a wide variety of accessories also with the panels. For example, you can get hold of a fuse holder. Additionally, you will get a Ballistic nylon case also with duty zippers.

Available with a large LCD display

The Zamp charging system has a large digital LCD display. Well, this is why you can see the Amp per Hour without a problem. The multi-colored LED lights indicate the operational status of the solar panels, so you get an idea about the operation of your panels.
The good news for the users is that the panels come with a suitcase also, so you can fold them when not in use.


• Zamp Solar 140 panels are affordable.
• They have an appealing design.
• The best part is that the panels can be left out in the rain.
• They are a reliable option.


• There are exposed terminals on the back of the controller that can corrode. This is why there is metal swing plate that moves the controller under the panel.Zamp solar Legacy Series 140W Portable Solar Panel Kit - Solar Sizing Chart

Verdictbuy at amazon

In our honest opinion, if the Zamp 140W Solar kit meets your requirements, it does not deserve your second thought – it is that reliable. The panels have a Zamp hookup too, so it becomes much easy to extend the battery life. These panels have excellent quality, so you will not have any regrets when you buy this. It utilize top-of-the-line Grade A monocrystalline solar cells and has a 25 year Limited Peak Power Output Warranty.
Comes with Integrated Charge Controller which is need to be used in a solar-ready system plus you get the Carrying Case.
Made in the USA (Handcrafted in Bend, Oregon). Also treated with anti-reflective coating to maximize light absorption. You can buy this solar kit with confidence knowing that your investment will last for the long-haul. So, invest once and get its benefits for the next couple of decades

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