Solar Panel (Foldable) Solar Charge RAVPower 16W with Triple USB Ports

RAVPower 16W Solar Charger Solar Panel with 3 USB Ports Waterproof Foldable Camping Travel Charger

Signature Solar Cells: Our 16W solar charging technology increases the efficiency of charging by up to 21.5% – 23.5%
Easy To Carry: Half the weight of similar solar chargers but equal in power so you can bring it anywhere
Exclusive iSmart Technology: All three USB ports are equipped with iSmart technology
Triple Port Power: Smart IC frequency technology detects and evenly distributes output current to all three USB ports ensuring every device is evenly charged
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In the present day, we have so many advanced tech gadgets thanks to the technology and these gadgets have made the things easier for people. So many new inventions have been made and this will be happening in the future too. When it comes to the inventions made in the past century or so, Solar panels take an important place all among them. With the help of these solar panels, people got the chance to generate power with sunlight and when it comes to today, these solar panels have got improved and now we can carry them with us because they come in small sizes too. RAVPower 16W Solar Panel is one such portable solar panel available in the market and this comes with so many interesting and useful features that make this one of the best solar panels. This comes with a waterproof feature and it has three USB ports so that you can charge three devices simultaneously.

Product Features

• Signature Solar Cells increases the charging efficiency.
• Compared to other similar products available in the market, this solar panel is light in weight but with the same power as others.
• iSmart Technology is integrated in all three USB ports and it automatically detects and supplies the required power to charge the device.
• Manufactured with the use of nylon which is durable and waterproof.



• Portable and easy to use
• Waterproof and durable
• Fast charging


• Not flexible (Breakable)
• Does not support some batteries (12v and 6v batteries)

Who would by this product?

This will be useful to any person who is in need of a device to charge his or her smart device or any other chargeable device regardless of the location he or she is in. So this will be a perfect match for those who love traveling a lot and for those who stay outside the home and workplace most of their time. Given below are some of the uses that you will get with this solar panel.

• Can be moved very easily due to the compact design and lightweight factor.
• Can charge and power up mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.
• Can charge several devices simultaneously.
• Do not need much space to store.

Is it worth the money?

The RAVPower 16W solar panel costs just above $100 (at the time of writing which is pretty affordable when compared to other similar products available in the market. With the features integrated into this solar panel, it always worth the money.

Customer Experience

Almost all the customers are very satisfied with this solar panel because of its portability and other amazing features. Most of the people used it when traveling to use as the power source to charge their devices and some engineers too have got this device to charge their phones and emergency radios. As per their experience, phones will stop charging if the power is low, that is when some clouds passing by covering the sun. That is not a problem at all and overall all the customers love this device.


This comes with 1 year warranty and this warranty will cover all the defected parts and these will be replaced with comparable or same product for free.


So it should be obvious that RAVPower 16W solar panel is a very useful device. With its foldable feature, you will not be needing much space to store it and that makes it easier to carry. Price is also affordable and therefore this will be a great device to have with you.

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