MOHOO 100W Bendable Foldable Thin Lightweight Solar Panel Battery Charger with MC4 Connector Charging

MOHOO Solar Panel, 100W Bendable Foldable Thin Lightweight Solar Panel

UPDATED VERSION: With a higher-than-average 23% to 25% efficiency, you will get greater power efficiency, the panel is a little larger than a traditional model.
HIGH EFFICIENCY: You will get greater power efficiency, and an internal blocking diode which prevents reverse current drain at night(Compatibility with 18V and Below Devices)
FOLDABLE AND FLEXIBLE : Can be folded,and it could smooth curve of 30 degrees max, very flexible panel
CHARGING USAGE: Charging for RV, Boat, Cabin,Tent Car(Compatibility with 18V and Below Devices)
NOTE : Panel will come with MC4 connectors(Male/ Female),you need another MC4 connectors(Male/ Female) to connect it for your solar charge controller, Before you connect the solar panel,the controller need to connect battery first
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Solar panels are one of those devices which have a great demand in the market due to its usefulness and those amazing features come in them. People can use these solar panels as power sources to generate power to get their work done. In contrast to the past, now solar panels come in the portable mode so that people can carry these devices wherever they want. Taking these factors into consideration many companies have started to manufacture Solar Panels and because of that there are so many products available in the market and they come under various brands. MOHOO is one such company that manufactures solar panels and they have a good reputation in the market due to their high-quality products. MOHOO 100w bendable foldable thin lightweight solar panel is one of their best-selling products and it comes with so many interesting features. As mentioned above, this solar panel is bendable which will prevent it from breaking into pieces and it is foldable, so you will not need much space to store it. Let’s look into some detailed features of this solar panel.

Product Features

• Compared to other similar products available in the market, this solar panel is high in efficiency in 23% – 25% and it is larger than the traditional model.
• This comes with a foldable feature and it is flexible maximum up to a 30o curve.
• Integrated with the waterproof feature, this solar panel is more durable than most of the similar products out there.


• High power efficiency
• Green energy
• Foldable
• Comes with MC4 connectors

• Compatible with batteries up to 18V

Who would by this product?

The MOHOO 100W Bendable Foldable thin lightweight Solar Panel is built with the briefcase design which means that it is built upon the purpose of portability. So this will suit best for people who love traveling and especially for those who love camping. For anyone who is working outside the home or a workplace, this is the perfect match for them. The following are some of the uses you will get with this solar panel.

• Easy to move (Portable)
• Can be used to charge backup generators.
• Can be used to charge phones, tablets, laptops, car batteries, and many other devices.

Is it worth the money?

As mentioned before, this comes with so many interesting features such as waterproof and bendable features and it comes with MC4 connectors to get connected to batteries. So when considering all these factors, it has a fair price in the range of $200 and it absolutely worth for that amount.

Customer Experience

When it comes to the customer experience, almost all the customers are very satisfied with this product and most of them love the charging speed it offers. They used this panel to charge various items like generators and different batteries. Since it is light in weight and it can be folded, people can carry it anywhere they want and therefore customers love it more. So overall they have good thoughts about the product.


It should be clear that MOHOO 100W bendable foldable thin lightweight solar panel is one of the best solar panels available in the market. This offers a great power efficiency and it performs well when charging batteries. So this is a very useful device which you should have with you.

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