Allpowers 100W Flexible Solar Panel (Solar Charger Kit)

Allpowers 100W Solar Panel (Bendable, Flexible) Solar Charger Kit

ALLPOWERS 100W Bendable Solar Panel Solar Charger Kit - Measurements and parts of the Panel High Conversion:The solar cell+ ETFE layer is made in the US, up to 20.5% efficiency, while most are 15% or lower
Greater power efficiency even though the panel is no larger than a traditional
Advanced lamination of ETFE, age of ETFE laminated membrane is up to 25 years, free from maintenance
This solar panel produces 100W of power but weighs only 4.07lbs
Easier to transport, hang and remove; Unique frameless design, easy for installation
The plastic back sheet can be curved to a maximum 30-degree arc and mounted on irregular surfaces
What you get: 100W bendable solar panel, instruction manual, 18-month guarantee

If you are looking for low to moderate range wattage then Allpowers 100W Solar Panel will suit your needs by all means. The best thing about these solar panels is that they offer efficiency despite their small size.
One thing that makes this kit stand out is that it bendable and flexible also. You can bend the plastic sheet to about 30-degree arc so that you can mount it on a boat or cabin without a problem. As a result, it becomes easy for you to install the panels.ALLPOWERS 100W Bendable Solar Panel Solar Charger Kit - Bump surface, increase Light Absorption
It is also easy for you to store these store panels whenever you feel the need.

Features of Allpowers Solar Panel 100W (Bendable)

The installation is easy

There is no denying the fact that AllPowers solar panel is a practical option. The panels have pre-drilled holes, so the installation process will not take a lot of time.

Advanced lamination prevents the need for maintenance

What you will love about these solar panels is that they have an advanced ETFE lamination, and this is why they will not require any maintenance. The best part is that the lamination membrane can easily last for about 25 years.
The solar panels have a non-stick surface, so it becomes quite easy to clean the dirt. The lamination is resistant to corrosion also. You will not have to deal with any tears in the solar panels also because they do not get damaged easily due to the presence of the lamination.
Another benefit of the lamination is that the solar panels can stand the high-temperature also. One more advantage of the lamination that is worth mentioning is that it is recyclable also.

Exclusive designALLPOWERS 100W Bendable Solar Panel Solar Charger Kit - Where can you use it.

These solar panels have a frameless design. The AllPowers 100W solar panels are 1/5 thinner than the other panels that are available in the market.
The panels are lightweight, so it becomes easy for you to carry them around.


• The AllPowers 100W solar panels work well in a variety of conditions.
• They have an attractive design.
• The panels have solid construction.
• The solar panels are water-resistant too, so you need not fear the water damage.


• The only setback about these solar panels is that they do not have any accessories.ALLPOWERS 100W Bendable Solar Panel Solar Charger Kit - Wiring Diagram

buy at amazonVerdict

The AllPowers 100W should be your ultimate choice. The reason is that the solar panels can generate about 13Ah per hour, even on a sunny day. The best part is that you can make use of these solar panels to charge your phone or car battery.
When you invest in these solar panels, then you can charge 12V lead-acid batteries also. These solar panels have built-in mono-crystalline silicon, and this is what makes these panels an impressive choice.
The design of these panels is such that they can stand wind also so you can go for them with confidence. However, make sure that you install these solar panels with care. The benefit of this practice is that the panels will last for a long time.

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