Jackery Solarsaga 100W Portable Solar Panel

Jackery Solarsaga 100W Portable Solar Panel Foldable US Solar Cell Solar Charger with USB Outputs

Jackery Solarsaga 100W Portable Solar Panel - Full ViewJackery Solarsaga 100W Portable Solar Panel will be a perfect solution for Jackery Explorer 240/300/500/1000 Power Station and who are looking for a good solar panel for your needs. You can use this solar panel for charging the Jackery Explorer 1000 in less than 8 hours. This device can convert solar energy into electricity efficiently. You don’t have to wait for too long when using this powerful SolarSaga solar panel. There are some interesting features that are offered by this device.

Key features

High conversion efficiency

This is the most important feature that you will find from this device. This solar panel has a high conversion efficiency rate. It is made from monocrystalline silicon solar cells which can convert solar energy into electricity quickly. There is an additional feature called multi-layered cell technology. This feature will accelerate the conversion rate. Its conversion efficiency can reach up to 23%.

Portable design

If you want to enjoy your outdoor activities, you can take a look at this device Jackery Solarsaga 100W. This solar panel is specially designed with a foldable and portable design for easy transport. Its lightweight and compact design can allow you to bring this device at any time you want. When you look at the top part of this solar panel, you can find its rubber handle which allows you to carry this unit easily. Its adjustable kickstands are added to this device for easy installation and adjustment.Jackery Solarsaga 100W Portable Solar Panel - Durable Solar Panel

Multiple USB outputs

This solar panel is recommended for you who want to recharge several devices at the same time. This device has multiple USB outputs which include the USB-C output port and USB-A output port. You can charge some of your devices, such as digital cameras, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Is it worth the money?

You don’t have to spend a lot of your money when buying this solar panel. It is totally worth the money when you buy this Solarsaga 100W Solar Panel. With this affordable price, you can get the best solar panel that will be compatible with any of your devices. It can deliver up to 100W peak power. Many people love buying this device because they can bring this device at any time they need. Its portable design and lightweight can be very interesting for most users.

Jackery Solarsaga 100W - suitable recharging angleWho would buy this product?

All users will enjoy their experience when buying this powerful device. This solar panel is suitable for you who love doing some adventurous things in outdoor areas. When you are unable to get access to electricity, you can always use this solar panel at any time you want. You can convert solar energy into electricity immediately.


• Durable ETFE material will allow you to use this Jackery Solarsaga 100W Solar Panel for a long time
• Lightweight design
• High-efficiency rate from this device
• Adjustable kickstands


• This solar panel is not waterproof. You have to be careful when using this device as this solar panel is not waterproof. Wipe the surface regularly, so you can get the best result from this solar panel.

GuaranteeJackery Solarsaga 100W - Powering 2 USB devices

It is recommended for you to register your Jackery Solarsaga 100W when you buy this unit. It allows you to get an additional warranty. You will get a full 3-year warranty and lifetime technical support from Jackery.

Customer experience

Most customers are happy when using this powerful solar panel. More than 2,200 people leave reviews on Amazon. Around 86% of them leave 5 stars rating on this device. It shows the overall quality and performance of this unit. This solar panel gets a 4.8 out of 5-star rating for its performance.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Call to Action ButtonWhen you are looking for a powerful solar panel for any of your needs, you can always look at this Jackery Solarsaga 100W Portable Solar Panel. It is easy and convenient for you to bring this device because of its portable design. You can set up its adjustable kickstands for getting maximum benefits from this unit.

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