Need For A Portable Solar Generator & Does It Worth The Cost?

Why Do You Need a Portable Solar Generator, and The Benefits?

If you experience power failures regularly, and you want an instant yet affordable solution, buy a portable solar generator. These generators are made to last long, and they can help you sustain energy for basic amenities. Following, we will discuss how these work, why you need to buy them and how to get the most value for your money.

How does it work?Labeled diagram for Portable Solar generator

4 Main basic components:
(1) Solar photo voltaic panel or solar concentrators
(2) Solar charge controller
(3) Solar Battery Ah
(4) DC-AC Inverter

How It Works?
Solar Power Generator uses either PV (photo voltaic) or CSP (indirectly concentrated solar power) to convert solar energy to electrical energy. CSP technique uses the lenses and the large mirror to gather the amount of light and make an intense focus beam of light and made it fall to the required part. and in comparison photo voltaic uses the photo voltaic effect to produce electrical energy using solar energy. It then distributes that energy to the battery, the battery stores energy for later use.  These generators can power appliances during a power failure or can take some electricity load to save money on bills.


The Portable Solar Generators are a smart long-term investment. Although they don’t provide continuous power for 12 or more hours, they can sustain you for 6-10 hours depending on your use. Following, we are going to discuss some of its benefits, and help change your mind.

  • Environmental Friendly

Portable Solar Generators are a Green Choice. These devices don’t harm our environment as they are fueled by mother nature itself.  These generators don’t rely on non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuels.

The sun is a free source, and the energy it generates is for free. Although you need to invest in the equipment first, it promises huge savings in the long run.

  • Stores Energy for Later

A common misconception about is they can’t work in cloudy or raining weather. These generators don’t produce energy themselves. Instead, they only use them. Yes, the energy made by a solar panel from sunlight is stored here.

So, feel free to use it during emergencies or harsh weather.Photo showing needed parts to build a portable solar generator

  • Maintenance Free

These generators don’t have moving parts. Therefore they need less maintenance. This saving is a great value for your money. Yes, you won’t have to call in a maintenance guy now and then. These generators are maintenance free. So, you can use them with ease.

As there are no moving parts, you won’t have to deal with noise pollution. The serious lack of moving parts makes these portable solar generators silent. Moreover, you don’t burn gas and give off a toxic gas.

  • Sustains You During Power Loss

In case you have a power grid failure or really bad weather, and you lost your power, don’t worry you won’t have to like it dark. Use these generators to power the basics.

How to Buy One?

Portable Solar Generators employs incredible technology. However, there are different variants of these generators available in the market. These variants differ in output power, energy source, endurance rating, size, and other features.

Therefore, when you compare solar generators, you need to mind some basic functionalities. These criteria also include Input, storage, and output.

Moreover, consider what the voltage of devices your willpower, the maximum amperage of equipment, and will you use this portable generator as your sole backup or will you use another generator as an additional power source. With that said, you also need to consider the following:

  • Know Your Requirements

Will you use this generator for power backup? Or you bought for camping and other outdoor uses? Know why you are buying the generator, and it will help you choose a better pick.  Outdoor activities don’t have high requirements whereas backup system needs higher outage.

  • Be RealisticComponents for Portable solar generator

You will be disappointed. If you expect a portable solar generator to power up everything.  These generators power small appliances for short periods of time. You can use these to power your refrigerator but it won’t last long.

If you want to the owner more than one unit, then buy a second unit. The idea of the portable solar generator is to sustain yourself with basic amenities; you can’t expect to power your whole kitchen with one generator.

  • Understand How It Works

You need to learn about how these things work. Do some research on how solar panels work, device wattage, battery types, amp hours and how different panels will charge your generator.

If you learn these things, you will easily spot deficiencies in generators. You can also look inside and make sure the device is made with quality components. Both of these will help you get the most out of your solar generator.


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