Portable Solar Power 101: A Quick Guide to Start Using Solar Energy

A Quick Guide to Start Using Portable Solar Power

Solar Energy has become a reliable alternative to fossil fuel. The technology is being continuously improved, but people are more interested in making it portable. There are many successful examples of portable solar energy devices including Panels, Generators, and Chargers, but the demand is ever increasing.
Portable solar devices aren’t much different residential or commercial products as they are small, light and easy to store. These devices come with additional features like foldable design including a kickstand or carrying case. These products are designed to be easily moved around and tucked away.
Following, we will study the benefits of Portable Solar Power, and how to use it efficiently.

Benefits of Portable Solar Power

Energy Is everywhere around us, and we need to learn how to harness it’s potential. Anything that runs on electricity depends on an electrical outlet. These outlets are stationary and interrupt with the portability of our device, especially if it’s a laptop, Mobile Phone, LED Lamp, etc.
You can’t rely on stationary power source every time. You need portable solutions to improve your work efficiency and productivity. Portable solar power means you have an unlimited source of power as you create your energy.

Sustains You During Emergency

Portable Solar Power helps sustain you during emergencies. Yes, if you lost power due to grid failure, natural disaster or any other reason, a portable solar generator provides enough power to help you survive the ordeal.

Protects Environment

Solar Power is clean electricity. Portable Solar Panels and generators don’t emit harmful fumes or make high noise. They work silently without harming the environment.

Saves Money

Portable Solar Panels or Generators gives free energy. You don’t need to continuously refuel them with expensive gasoline. They just need sunlight to produce energy. These panels and generators come prewired, so you don’t need to spend anything to make them work.
Moreover, solar devices are both water and dust-proof. There are no hidden charges, and you don’t have to worry about maintenance either.

Lasts Long

Solar Panels and Generators are built with durable materials. Although solar panels break easily, they are designed with durable frames and reinforced glass. Portable generators are made with thick plastic layers and shock absorbers to keep the internals safe.

How to Save Money While Buying Solar Power Equipment?

You can find affordable options for Portable Solar Power devices. However, it means you are willingly sacrificing quality and efficiency. If you are on a tight budget and want to save money while buying solar equipment, the following tips will help you.

Package Deals

Before you buy, research the market because brands continuously offer great promotions. Although these deals are not equal, they help you save a lot of money. You can save a lot of money by buying a package deal of portable solar panel and generator as compared to buy each of them separately.
However, you sacrifice quality because companies tend to compare a high-quality product with an average one to make a profit. They make these combinations and offer discounts to attract buyers.

Type of Solar Panels

There are two types of Solar panels, Photovoltaic, and Thermal. Photovoltaic uses sunlight to produce electricity whereas Solar Thermal panels use the heat from the sun to produce energy and cost more.
Photovoltaic panels feature different panels, monocrystalline, and polycrystalline. The latter is less reliable and therefore costs significantly less.


You can save some money if you buy equipment with only a 1-year warranty. It saves money when you purchase but can cost you dearly later. Therefore, we suggest you invest in extended warranties.
Tips to Use Solar Energy Efficiently
• Use LED Lights instead of Regular Ones
• Turn off Appliances properly; Stand-By mode consumes at least 25% power
• Use E-mobility
• Switch your gardening appliances to solar energy
• Use solar geysers
• Store Energy
• Don’t Run high-consuming appliance at night
• Follow the Sun (be careful with orientation and placement)
• Note down peak power output (timing and voltage)
• Maintain regularly and minimize energy consumption at night

How to Pair a Solar Panel with a Solar Generator?

When you buy a portable solar power system (which usually consist of a panel and generator), check if both components are compatible with each other. Check the power voltage solar generator needs to charge and make sure the panel output matches it.
You can pair an oversized panel with a smaller generator, but a small panel won’t charge a high capacity generator. Ensure the connectors and plugs of both devices are compatible along with power output.

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