Goal Zero Yeti 500X Portable Power Station

Goal Zero Yeti 500X Solar Generator, 505Wh Portable Lithium Battery, 120V AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Goal Zero Yeti 500X Portable Power Station - Full ViewGoal Zero Yeti 500X can be a perfect option for you who want to buy the best portable power for your portable devices, gadgets and appliances. This unit is equipped with advanced charging technology, including high-speed power delivery. It can be used to charge devices, such as phones, digital cameras, tablets, laptops, pellet grill, portable fridge, CPAP machines, important medical devices and much more…

Key Features

Product info & Feature List
» Goal Zero Yeti 500X 500 Watts
» 505Wh Lithium-ion Battery Bank perfect for powering most of your electronic devices
» Battery lifecycles are 500 cycles to 80% capacity
» 120V AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter
» 3-Ways to Charge Yeti: Completely Off-Grid: Solar Panels, From Wall Outlet, Carport
» Ports: 12V Regulated Output Port, 6mm Output Port, 120V AC Ports, 8mm Charge Ports, 1xUSB-C Output Port, Fast Charging 1xUSB-C PD Input/Output Port, 2x USB-A Outports.
» Engineered and supported by our US based team
» Made with highest quality battery for durability
» Goal Zero Yeti 500X is Lighter with more Power vs earlier Yetis
» Comes with power cable only
» 2-year manufacturer warranty
» Product Dimensions: 13 x 15 x 10 inches; Weight 12.9 Pounds
» While Camping and Traveling: Phone, CPAP Machines, Laptops, Tablets, Mirrorless cameras, Pellet Grill, GPS Devices, Lights, Drones, TV, Portable Fridges
» At Home: Lights, Phones & Tablets, Internet Modems, Small Kitchen appliances, Medical Devices, as Backup Power Supply, Emergencies
» Recommended Solar Panel: NOMAD 50, NOMAD 100, Boulder 50, Boulder 100. Other brand 100W panels might work provided panel can’t exceed 20 V

Unlimited Power

It is easy for you to recharge this Power Station under sunlight. It can be connected with portable solar panels which will convert the solar energy into electricity for this power station. Its MPPT charge controller will ensure that you will get the most efficient solar charge.

Suitable for most type of devices

This Yeti 500X is recommended for those who want to charge their essential daily use devices easily when you need outdoor off-grid power. It comes with some different port options, including 12V, AC, 60W USB, etc. You would be able to charge almost any portable gadgets & appliances that you want.

Is it worth the money?Goal Zero Yeti 500X - Charging, Output and other Ports.

Buying this Goal Zero Yeti 500X Portable Power Station can be a perfect option for you. Based on the quality and performance of this portable generator, we feel it is well worth the money to get this powerful unit. It is very easy and flexible for you to use this Generator. You can charge this Yeti 500X from 3 different sources, which are from the sun using solar panel, Car port and AC Wall outlets.

Who would buy this product?

People who love outdoor activities such as Camping, RV/Van, Off-grid events, Road-trips are normally interested in buying this Goal Zero 500X. This power station is recommended for those who love backyard parties, as well as for home emergencies. When plan an outside trip, you may want to bring this portable power station along with you so that you can charge all your small to medium size devices and appliances charged using this powerful Yeti 500X Portable Power Station.


• A smaller device with more power than the other competitors
• Designed to pack 20% more power and 20% smaller and lighter shell than its predecessor
Goal Zero Yeti 500X - What it can power up.• 4 Different port options: AC, 12V, and 60W USB-C PD
• Equipped with High-speed charging technology
• MPPT charge controller ensures the most efficient solar charge possible
• Safe for being used in the outdoor area
• Aluminum exterior can be used to protect this device from bumps and any other damages


• Continuous output is only available at 300W.
• The LCD screen is slightly unreadable without the use of an LED backlight
• Can be considered heavier than the other power station devices on the market


This power station is specially made with the highest quality battery for improving the durability of this unit. This device is protected by its 2-year manufacturer warranty. This warranty will ensure that you can get all the benefits from this power station. All parts of this unit are made with the highest quality, both the battery and any other parts from this unit.

Customer ExperienceGoal Zero Yeti 500X - Power anything anywhere

When you look on Amazon, you can find out that Goal Zero Yeti 500X gets a 4.5 star rating score out of 5 and numerous good reviews from the majority of the Buyers. Most customers love to use this unit whenever they have the scope. They are happy with the flexibility and ease that this power station offers. Most buyers are also happy with its safety and protection features. A good number says, it’s a great choice but not perfect.

This power station has safe Battery Management System BMS which has multi-functional protections and also powered up by lithium-ion cells which are made to last for a long time. It will produce clean power for any sensitive electronics you have.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Call to Action ButtonAfter you read the Goal Zero Yeti 500X Review, you should understand why this product can be a perfect choice for most who are looking for a dependable Portable solar generator solution. With all features offered by this power station, it will help all customers provide enough energy for charging almost all essential and daily used common devices, especially during long trips, backyard parties, and also in the case of emergencies.

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