Chafon Portable Generator 288Wh

Chafon 288Wh Portable Generator UPS Battery Backup Pack Power Station

Off-grid Power Station to charge up mobile devices, CPAP, laptops, mini-refrigerator, gaming consoles and small appliances
Pure Sine Wave 500W AC inverter, 3*110V AC outlets, 4*12V DC ports up to 10A, 4*USB ports, 1*Led flashlight
Backup Power during outages and voltage fluctuations, as well as protection from power surges and spikes
Recharging from wall AC outlet, Car cigarette charger and Solar panel charger(sold separately)
What You Get: CHAFON 288WH UPS, AC Cable, Car Charger Cable, DC Cable, MC4 Solar Connector Cable, User Manual
Comes with a 12-month warranty(not for man-made damage)
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Are you planning to buy a Chafon Portable Generator 288wh Rechargeable power source? Do you dwell upon the fact whether this investment is worth it or not? The answer is yes. Chafon is a portable power supply, and it has a high capacity making it ideal for camping, use in car, power backup in emergency, home appliances, Power Projectors and many other uses.

The unit is lightweight, weighing just about 7.4lbs, and you get an easy carry handle to take this power supply along. The solid construction and the appealing design makes this power supply an attractive option for ardent buyers.

Key features of chafon portable generator 288wh

Efficient rechargeable battery:

What makes this power supply stand out is that it does not require any gasoline at all. It is delivered with an included wall ac outlet. Plus, you also get 12V car cigarette charger cable.

Provides an extended working time for your gadgets:

You will be impressed by the working time of Chafon 288WH portable solar generator. A 13 inch laptop can operate for about 6 to 7 hours when charged using this power supply. It can charge a 200L fridge also that can work for about 6 hours altogether. There are times when you want to carry your LCD with you when travelling.
The good news is that Chafon can charge your 32 inch LCD also, and it can remain operational for about 4 hours.

Makes use of fire-proof material for construction:

Now, when you are out camping, then your safety is also a matter of concern for you. Well, you do not have to worry when you have chafon portable generator 288wh. The reason is that it makes use of fire-proof material, so your safety is not on the line.
The best part is that Chafon is available in an attractive orange color that will entice you to buy it.


• What you will love about this power supply is that it depletes the power slowly.
• Built-in High Capacity Lithium-ion Battery
• 1W Led flashlight
• You get an 18 month warranty with Chafon.


• The only issue with this power supply is that the fan tends to rattle when the battery is cooling.


There is no denying the fact that chafon portable generator 288wh is a versatile power supply. If you are planning to go for remote camping in the desert, then this power supply can be used with solar panels also. It can take a charge from the solar panels without an issue.
When you are out camping, then you have this fear of the unknown. For example, you worry about the fact that the battery of your car might give up at the last moment. The positive aspect is that you can use Chafon to jump start a 12V car battery.
If you desperately want to power up your curling iron, then this power supply will not disappoint you in this situation also. It can easily charge a curling iron as long as it does not exceed 400w.
Buy your peace of mind and invest in Chafon right away to make your camping vacation fun. You will not have to regret this decision by any means at the end of the day.

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