KaliPAK 601 – 558Wh Portable Solar Generator with 40W Solar Panel

Kalisaya KP601 KaliPAK 558-Watt Hour Portable Solar Generator System with 40W Solar Panel

4x USB Ultra-fast charge ports for charging up to four devices, such as phones, cameras or laptops Simultaneously
2x 12V DC ports for lighting
Grade a, high capacity, long life, Lithium-Ion cells
Remote system monitoring and control via iOS and Android smartphone app
558Wh Portable Solar Generator
Comes with a Mini Powerkit – an AC/DC Wall Charger, Car-Lighter Adapter and 40W Solar Panel
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Kalisaya KP601 (KaliPAK 601) Portable Solar Generator, Why should you like it? There may be instances that you might have to finish one of your work immediately but you are having a power cut in your area. So how can you get your work done? This is an issue which is faced by many people and if you are reading this right now, without a doubt you should also fall to that category. The perfect solution for this issue is using a UPS backup generator which can store power for the later use. When it comes to the UPS backup generators, there are so many products available in the market under so many brand names. The main reason for having this much of UPS backup generators in the market is the demand which these devices have. Nowadays these generators are used in everywhere and therefore so many companies have started to manufacture these devices. Although there are thousands of products available in the market, it is important to select a product with a reputed brand. Kalisaya is one such reputed brand which tops the list and Kalisaya KP601 KaliPAK 558-Watt Hour portable solar generator is one of their best generators. This generator can power up with the use of solar energy and it comes with a solar panel which is an advantage for the customers. Given below are some important details about the features integrated in this generator.

Product Features

Kalisaya KaliPAK 601 Solar Generator 558 Watt Hour 05
Kalisaya KaliPAK 601 Solar Generator 558 Watt Hour 05

• Integrated with four USB ultra-fast charging ports to charge devices such as laptops and mobile phones at the same time.
• Integrated with two 12V DC ports for lighting.
• Remote system monitoring and can be controlled with Android and IOS application.
• Comes with the Solar Panel


• Light in weight
• Fast Charging
• Long life lithium-ion battery
• Comes with solar panel

• Absence of AC output

Who Would Buy This Product

This will be a perfect match for those who need to charge their mobile devices and laptops away from home and this can be useful during a power cut. Following are some of the important uses you can get by this generator.

• Can charge your mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets
• Can charge laptops
• Can be used at camping trips

Is It Worth The Money

This generator comes to the market with a price of around $500 dollars and you might think that the price is bit expensive for a little generator like this. But do not forget that you are getting a solar panel with this generator. So when considering all these features, it worth the money.

Customer Experience

Most of the customers are really satisfied with the features integrated in this Kalisaya KP601 KaliPAK 558-Watt Hour portable solar generator system and they are using it efficiently to energize their electric devices and most of them love the solar charging feature and the solar panel comes with this.


It should be clear that Kalisaya KP601 KaliPAK 558-Watt Hour portable solar generator system is a good product to have in your home because it can be used to power up your electric devices during a power cut or you can use it to energize your devices at anywhere away from home. Since this is coming with a solar panel in its package, you will get more and more benefits.

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