Chafon 346WH Portable UPS Battery Backup Generator

Chafon 346WH Solar Generator, Power Source Inverter with 110V/500W AC Outlet,12V Car,USB Output

Upgraded: No Jump Starter Function, Cool Fan work while recharging
Generator Power Supply: High Capacity 346WH(12V,30AH) Polymer Lithium-ion Battery Pack more safer and durable
Versatile Powerful Outputs: Pure-sine wave 500W AC outlet Power inverter,3 three-prong 110V receptacles (for devices up to 500Watt) ,4*DC 12V/36W ports ,4*USB 5V/2A ports,1W Led flashlight, , emergency power to charge smartphones 30 times, laptops 6 times
On line UPS: Backup battery ups surge protection for desktop pc, workstations, networking devices and home entertainment systems
Rechargeable Battery Pack, No Gasoline Required: Recharge from wall AC outlet 7-8hrs in home,12V Car cigarette lighter port charger 7-8hrs while living VAN life, CHAFON foldable 40W/80W(Max) solar panel charger 14-18hrs(sold separately) while live outdoors
Safety Guaranteed and Warranty – Risk-free polymer lithium battery plus BMS Provide short circuit, Overcharger Overload protection, environmental protection, energy-saving and fire-proof ABS material and a worry-free 12-month warranty
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In the past, people had no electric power to energize the electronics and there were no electronics either. People had to do everything manually and at night, they had to work with the use of lamps since there were no electric bulbs. But in the 18th century, electric power was invented and in the same century electric bulb too was invented; which are the two most incredible inventions in human history. After the invention of electric power, people wanted to generate more and more power in a mass way and as a result of that many power stations were built which produced power with the use of water, coal, wind, and many other sources. And when it comes to today, we generate power with solar energy; which is another great achievement. After discovering all these things, people faced another issue. That is storing these generated power and that is where we use backup generators. There are so many companies that manufacture these backup generators and these come in many different sizes, capacities, and features. Chafon is a well-known company that manufactures these UPS Battery Backups and Chaffon 346Wh Portable UPS Battery Backup Generator is one of their best products. This comes with a 500W power and 12V capacity and has the power to jump-start a car in an emergency. This can be used for many other purposes as well.

Product Features

• This comes with a higher capacity (12V/31AH/346WH) which include 3 NEMA 5×15 US outlets and an emergency car jump starter.
• Integrated with 11 outputs which include 3 AC outlets, 4 DC 12V ports, and 4 USB ports up to 6.2A.
• 3-way input charging –Can be charged using home wall AC outlet power, car cigarette DC power, and Solar power panel


• 1W LED light
• Portable
• Light in weight
• Curved handle for a comfortable grip

• Solar panel is not included

Who Would Buy This Product

This will be useful for any person because we all face power cuts during rainy seasons. The following are some of the uses you will get with the device.

• Can charge laptops, mobile phones, and other electric devices
• Can jump start a car
• Can be used to power up a camping area
• Can use to power up TVs and computers

Is It Worth The Money

This generator comes to the market with a price tag of around $350 and when you consider the features integrated into this, the price is really fair and worth. So do not hesitate to purchase this for the above-mentioned price.

Customer Experience

Most of the customers are really satisfied with the features integrated in this Chafon generator and they are using it efficiently to energize their electric devices and most of them love the solar charging feature.


Manufacturers offer a 24-month warranty for this device.


It should be obvious that Chafon 346Wh portable battery backup generator is one of the best generators available in the market in its category. With the features integrated in this, you can purchase it for a very affordable price and you will not regret buying one of these.

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    Just wanted to see if there was any outlets that retail this product that you knew of aside from Amazon. I am a “vote with your dollar” type, and would rather avoid giving any money to Amazon ever. Seems like a great product, but retailer would be a deal breaker.

    • I’m not sure if any other retailers have this in their stock, not that I know of. If you are unable to find elsewhere, you’re most welcome to get it from here. Thank you for contacting us.


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