Pinty Portable Power Supply 500W Rechargeable Generator

Pinty Portable Uninterrupted Power Supply 500W, UPS Battery Backup, Rechargeable Generator Power Source with AC InverterPinty Portable 500W Rechargeable Generator - Full View

Portable: Easy to carry around.
Perfect for both outdoor & indoor uses.
Versatility: 500W UPS, 2or3 AC outlets, 4 USB charging ports, 4 12V DC power ports, 12V 26Ah / 288WH lithium rechargeable battery.
3 Input Charging way: AC, Car & Solar inputs
5 different Protections
Backup power supply during outages, voltage fluctuations, surges & spikes. And MORE…

Pinty Portable Uninterrupted 500W Rechargeable Generator Introduction – UPS battery backups are one of the most useful devices which you should have in your home. You might use various ways to generate power to energize your electrics or to use it for any other purposes. It may be the regular power supply or you might use a solar panel system to generate power. Pinty Portable 500W Rechargeable Generator - What can you power up.How can you get your work done in a power cut? Or how can you jump-start your car in an emergency? Couple of things that you should think right? Well, there is a perfect solution for all these issues and that is using a UPS battery backup generator which can store power in it. Nowadays there is a huge demand for these UPS battery backup generators because they are used in so many homes and working places. Taking these factors into consideration, many companies have started to manufacture UPS battery backups, and as a result that we are having so many products in the market under different brand names. Therefore it is important to choose the best and the best always comes along with a well-reputed brand name. Pinty is one such well-known brand name in this industry and Pinty Portable Uninterrupted Power Supply 500W, UPS battery backup, the rechargeable generator is one of the best products coming under this brand name. Let’s look into some of the best features and other details that you should know about this device.

Pinty Portable 500W Rechargeable Generator - 3 ways to rechargePinty Portable Uninterrupted 500W Rechargeable Generator Features

• Offer a high power with 12V/26Ah/288Wh and comes with a rechargeable lithium battery.
• Integrated with 11 outputs which include 3 AC outlets, 4 USB ports, and 4 DC ports.
• Can be charged in 3 ways; Using home wall AC outlet power, car cigarette DC power, and Solar power panel




• Portable
• Light in weight
• Can be used to power up a camping area
• Provide 5-way protections (Over-current protection, over-discharge protection, overvoltage protection, under-voltage protection, overpower and overcharge protection)

ConsPinty Portable 500W Rechargeable Generator - Recharge by Car or Solar Panel
• Solar panel is not included

Who Would Buy This Product

This will be useful for any person because we all face power cuts during rainy seasons. Following are some of the uses you will get with the device.

• Can charge laptops, mobile phones, and other electric devices and laptop can be plugged in and used for 8 hours
• Can jump start a car
• Can be used to power up a camping area
• Can use to power up TVs and computers and TVs can be plugged in and used for 5 hours and computers can be used for 3 hours.

Is It Worth The Money

Pinty Portable 500W Rechargeable Generator - Ports and indicators

When you consider the integrated features in this generator and the efficiency and durability factor with the price of this generator, the answer is, Yes, It worth the money.

Customer Experience

Almost all the customers are satisfied with the features and latest technologies used in this generator and those who love camping, always go for this product because it can power up a camping area.


No record about warranty.

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When you compare this product with other similar products in this range, the Pinty Portable Uninterrupted 500W Rechargeable Generator UPS backup generator is among the top thanks to its features and you can now purchase this for a reasonable price.

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  1. I need to power a small 30 gal fish tank filter during occasional power outages – lasting up to 6 hrs. Which wattage Pinty would be recommended?

  2. Hello. Where can I find a replacement charger? Or what is the one provided called?
    Thank you
    Ps. I love this thing! Use it ALLL the time 🙂


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