Inergy Kodiak 1100 watt Solar Generator Lithium Ion Portable Power Source

 Inergy Kodiak 1100 watt Solar Generator

Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator 1100 Watt (1.1kWh) Power Bank – Lithium Ion Electric Battery Portable Power Source

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Why this Inergy Kodiak 1100 watt Solar Generator is right for you? With the development of technology and as per the needs and requirements of human beings, so many new inventions have been made and this will keep happening in the future too. UPS backup generators are one such device invented to the world on the purpose of storing power to use at a power cut or any other emergency. Although we can energize our electric devices with regular power supply or with the solar energy generated with solar panels, when you do not get the assistance of any of these sources, you can’t get on with your day to day activities. That is where these UPS backup generators come handy. These UPS backup generators come with various features and capacities with different sizes. So you should select one which meet your requirements and it is important to pick an efficient product which come under a reputed brand name. Inergy Kodiak 1100 watt Solar Generator Portable Power Source is one such efficient product you can have from the market and this comes with so many interesting features and this device can use to supply power for your electric devices and this can even come handy when you are camping with your friends because it can power up your camping area.

Product Features

• Integrated with 13 versatile outputs which include 7 AC outlets, 4 USB ports and 2 12V DC outputs.
• Inergy Kodiak 1100 watt Solar Generator has the fast charging feature and it will get full charged just within 2 hours.
• Integrated with a Lithium battery which has a capacity of 1500W and easy to move due to lightweight feature.
• Can be charged in 3 ways; Using home wall AC outlet power, car cigarette DC power and Solar power panel


• Portable
• Light in weight
• Comfy Handle for comfortable grip
• Higher number of output ports

• Solar panel is not included for solar charging

Who Would Buy This Product

This will be useful for any person because we all face power cuts during rainy seasons and we can use this to power our electric devices when we are away from home. Following are some of the uses you will get with device.

• Can charge laptops, mobile phones and other electric devices
• Can jump start a car
• Can be used to power up a camping area
• Can use to power up TVs and computers

Is It Worth The Money

This generator comes to the market with a price tag of around $1500 and when you consider about the features integrated in this, the price is really fair and worth the value. This can generate a power of 1100W which is a unique feature which can be seen in this generator.

Customer Experience

Almost all the customers are satisfied with the features and latest technologies used in this generator and those who love camping do not miss this device in their camping trip.


Inergy Kodiak 1100 watt Solar Generator power bank Lithium Ion Portable Power Source comes to the market with a one-year warranty.


After considering all the factors mentioned above, you should notice that this is one of the best backup solar generators available in the market and most of the people go for this device because of the high capacity. You can purchase this generator for a considerable price.

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