MySmartBlinds Automation Kit (Solar Powered)

Blinds Automation Kit by MySmartBlinds – transform ordinary blinds into smart automated window blinds

Blinds Automation Kit - The boxMySmartBlinds Automation Kit uses Bluetooth technology to transform your home into a smart home. It gives you control of privacy, temperature, lighting, and security from the palm of your hand. The kit controls the tilting of your horizontal-blinds on a schedule. The demand is sent from your Apple devices running iOS10 or newer or Android devices like Samsung GalaxyS7+S8, Samsung Note8, GooglePixel, and Google Nexus5.
This can maintain the same level of light in your home even when the seasons change, with the sun-tracking feature. This kit is not compatible with mini blinds, roller shades, cordless blinds, or cellular/honeycomb shades. The automation kit does not raise or lower the blinds, but only tilts them.

The automation hardware fits in the blind tray of major brands of blinds. Once your motor is installed, you can download the MySmartBlinds app to your smart device to control your blinds. Set schedules for automatic opening and closing. A new update to the firmware lets you set your blinds to respond to sunlight levels. The energy-saving feature allows you to set a schedule based on the temperature of your home.



Blinds Automation Kit - The KitThere is also a temperature sensor to control the temperature of the room. MySmartBlinds Kit has the right tech and is compatible with Alexa and Google. This brings in the opportunity for voice commands. Users can also set schedules so that the blinds work as needed when you aren’t in range.

Save energy with Energy Savings mode that enables your blinds to close when your home reaches a specified temperature. The solar panel ensures you never need to replace the batteries in your automation kit. The automation kit communicates via Bluetooth, so you will need to be within Bluetooth range to control your blinds. It is also Eco smart. In addition to manual control from your smart device and room scheduling, you can also set your rooms to monitor the temperature. If it gets too hot the blinds will close automatically to help cool things down and open again once the room cools off.

ProsBlinds Automation Kit - App controlled
Lots of features to use with the right tech
The solar panel – which is a rarity
The connectivity to mobile tech and Alexa

This isn’t really the full kit

Automation Kit includes

1x – Motor box
1x – Battery pack
1x – Solar panel
1x – Manual switch
1x – Rod adapters for all tilt rod shapes
1x – Cable clips to manage cords
1x – Rubber tubing ends for tilt rod

Blinds Automation Kit - Easy to installProduct Features

• The Kit converts 2-2.5” inch horizontal corded blinds into smart automated blinds using Bluetooth.
• Control your blinds with voice commands – it is compatible with Alexa and Google (Smart Bridge required for connectivity).
• Save time, energy and money with built-in temperature sensors.
• Decide how hot or cold you want your room to get before your blinds adjust the temperature.
• The Blind motor memory stores and remembers all your daily and weekly schedules. Thus it will operate even when you are out of Bluetooth range.
• The best thing is the kit harnesses the energy from the sun (through a solar panel) to keep the battery charged.
• The app control updates will let you know the battery levels and solar consumption.
• Give control of your blinds to any member of your household on any number of smart devices


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