Solar Outdoor Flood Light (100W) by YQL

YQL 100W Solar Outdoor Flood Light, IP67 Water Resistance White 6500K 208 LEDs Auto On/Off

YQL 100W Outdoor LED Solar Street Security Flood Light - The unitWhen buying a Solar Outdoor Flood Light, you need to consider the following 2 factors:
(1) Solar panel size determines the amount of power it generates, which is the charging rate. Therefore, the panel size is a very intuitive reference. (Please ref. to the size of the solar wafer on the board, some solar panels have large blank areas).
(2) The battery can’t get the data through the naked eye. It directly affects the working time and service life. It can only refer to the parameters provided by the seller.
Please refer to the watthours for battery capacity, such as 6 batteries, each battery is 3.2V 6Ah, the watthours is equal to 6pcs x 3.2vx 6ah =115.2 WH. The larger the capacity, the higher the load power and the longer the working time. The number of times the battery can be recharged and discharged, meaning charging it then the electricity is consumed. The more the number, the better. The lamp body should be made of metal material as much as possible, good for heat dissipation.



More Info on YQL Solar Outdoor Flood LightYQL 100W Outdoor LED Solar Street Security Flood Light - Various installation methods

• The luminous intensity of the Light: 500LM
• It can be mounted on any pole with a diameter between 1.8-3.9in
• Why the ultra-low temperature environment affects solar lamps: (1) The amount of power generated by solar panels is reduced. (2) The internal resistance of the battery increases and some of the capacity cannot be released, resulting in smaller battery capacity and a shorter working time of the lamp. YQL uses power batteries, the quality is better than energy storage batteries. If you are using an area with plenty of sunlight and don’t mind shortening the use time, you can try it.
• The remote control can be turned on during the day, but it does not have a memory function. It needs to be turned off manually.
• If you want to use it indoors, install the solar panels in a sunny place outdoors and the floodlight indoors. The product comes with a 16-foot power extension cord.
• You can use a long wire between the solar panel and the light fixture. But only if you have some YQL 100W Outdoor LED Solar Street Security Flood Light - Parts explainedhands-on ability. Remember to connect the positive pole to the positive pole and the negative pole to the negative pole. It is recommended that the length of the power cable be within 40 FT.
• You can adjust the angle from left to right. There are 3 holes in the bracket on the lamp. If you only install a screw in the middle hole, the luminaire can be adjusted to the left and right.
• To reset the Solar Floodlight, please click the AUTO button to resume the automatic mode!
• What is the range of the remote? This model has been updated and it can reach about 40ft during the day and 60ft at night. This is an infrared remote control and needs to be used facing the front of the lamp!
• If you turn the light off with the remote it continues to charge during the day. Built-in over-charge & over-discharge IC control board, will automatically disconnect charging when fully charged.
• The solar panel for this unit is made of polycrystalline.

YQL 100W Outdoor LED Solar Street Security Flood Light - MeasurementsProduct Features

• Built-in photoelectric sensor – Auto-on/Off Dusk to Dawn.
• Zero power consumption and no wiring is needed.
• A fully charged battery can provide 16-20 hours of lighting time.
• Built-in intelligent control chip, auto-adjust with battery capacity, thus guarantee long lighting time
• Large-capacity aluminum iron phosphate battery 6pcs x 3.2V x 6ah=115.2WH
• Full light/half bright /10-100 dimming, 3/5/8 hour timed remote control >40ft remote control distance.
• 22.84 x 13.78 inch extended solar panel.
• 120° ultra-wide illumination angle, large powered 100W
• 208 LED chips, 1800-5000sq.ft recommended lighting range.
• IP67 waterproof grade, all-aluminum lamp body, aluminum alloy frame + tempered glass solar panel.
• The product is equipped with a 16.4 ft power cable and flexible installation with a Multi-functional bracket.

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