Solar Powered Rainbow Maker by Kikkerland

Kikkerland Genuine Swarovski Crystal Solar Powered Rainbow Maker

Kikkerland Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker - Full view of the productGet this Solar Powered Rainbow Maker and make your own rainbow! It attaches to the window with suction cup or wire hanger. Two genuine Swarovski crystals rotate and refract sunlight to create a swirl of colors in your room. Always place the rainbow maker in direct sun. You may have to adjust its placement at different times of the year depending on how the sun shines through your window. Solar Powered Crystal Rainbow Maker is an enchanting piece for Adults, children, and pets, the rainbow-maker adds cheer to any room and brightens up an interior. A great gift idea. There are different versions also available with heart and single crystals.
The device has three components — a solar panel, a segment of motorized cogs, and a suspended prism. Thanks to clever engineering and the Swarovski crystals from Kikkerland that use the sun to fill a room with a swirl of beautiful rainbow colors. Like an active piece of art- the piece revolves when powered by direct sunlight- catching and refracting pretty bands of color and brightens up an interior. No batteries are necessary. Solar panel powers the unit to revolve and refract light in all directions. Make “VIBGYOR” [Violet–Indigo–Blue–Green–Yellow–Orange–Red] work for you and get the full spectrum of the rainbow without any of the rain!

Put the Solar Rainbow Maker on a sunny window, then watch the genuine Swarovski crystal rotate and refract sunlight to create a dazzling shower of rainbows in a room. Great for a nursery, child’s room or anywhere you need a little rainbow. It is a wonderfully imaginative work of art.

Product Dimensions: 2 x 1 x 6 inchesKikkerland Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker - Hanging outside
A Rainbow Maker Is the Perfect Gift for Anyone With a Window
Designed by artist David Dear

Product Highlights and Features

• The Solar Powered Window Rainbow Maker that casts rainbows around the room
• The unit is powered by solar panel to revolve and refract light in all directions
• Genuine Swarovski crystal creates a maximum rainbow effect
• Great for brightening a room, enchanting for adults, children, and animals
• Comes with suction cup or wire hanger; measures 6 by 1 by 2 inches
• Model: 1588 (Formerly 1588S)

Kikkerland Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker - Rainbow color rays


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