Solar Deep Well Water Pump by ECO-WORTHY

ECO-WORTHY Solar Deep Well Water Pump – 100W Solar Panel, 12V Pump & Charge Controller for Home Irrigation

ECO-WORTHY Solar Deep Well Water Pump can be used as deep water or as a submersible pump. The system can be powered by 100W Solar Panel or another DC power source.

ECO-WORTHY Solar Deep Well Water Pump - Full PackageIt is perfect for watering the garden, greenhouse, lawn. It also can be used for livestock watering, irrigation, ponds, remote homes, and cabins. It uses clean energy from the sun to power the pump, totally eco-friendly. Water Pump is used with solar panels and 12V battery systems.

Package Includes: 1 pc 100W Monocrystalline Solar Panel; 1 pc DC 12V Submersible Pump Deep Well Water; 1 pc 20A Solar Water Pump Controller

Solar Panel Specs: 1x Poly Solar Panel | Related power: 100W | Battery Voltage: 12V | Temp range: -40℃~+80℃ | Frame: Heavy-duty aluminum | Size: 39.3*26.2*1.38in
Water Pump Specs: 1x 12V water Pump | Cable:10 feet (3m) | Voltage:12V DC Flow | Rate(lph/gph):360/96 1.6 GPM (6 LPM) | Max Lift:230 Feet | Max Submersion:100 Feet | Outlet Port:1/2”(12.7mm)
Charge Controller Specs: 1x 20A controller | Battery voltage:12V/24V auto C | Charge /Discharge current:20AU | SB output:5V/2AS | elf-consume:<15mAS

ECO-WORTHY Solar Deep Well Water Pump - Durable design pumpJust for your note, the solar panel does not come with mounting brackets but available from most hardware stores. Choose the fittings you would like. The pump can run directly off solar panels But if you need to run longer it can be connected to batteries. A battery would be the best but this kit still can work well without a battery. Recommend a 24V deep cycle lead-acid battery ( car batteries basically ) and hook them up in series. The controller is designed to charge the battery with the solar panel. The solar panel charges the system all the time. You have to have a go through a battery charger of some sort or you might burn the pump up.
The total package weight is approximately 44lbs!

Few caution notes:
Make sure that the pump is submerged in the water before uncovering the panel because it starts as soon as the sun hits the panel.
Don’t make the pump work without water for a long time, or its lifespan will be shortened.
The solar panel is made up of glass and metal. You must be careful when using it. And keep out of reach of children.

ECO-WORTHY Solar Deep Well Water Pump - Max lift 70MProduct Features & highlights

• It comes with a high-efficiency solar panel and a submersible water pump.
• Even on cloudy days, the solar panel delivers a high energy yield.
• The panel is covered by special tempered glass to protect against environmental conditions.
• Start-up is fast, efficient, and has strong stability.
• It is perfect for cabins, livestock ponds, garden fountains, deep well, irrigation, and off-grid living.
• Permanent magnet thermally protected motor.
• Pump runs by solar power, therefore affected by weather, season and place, etc.
• The pump is designed to use solar panels and 12v battery systems.
• You should not make the pump work without water for a long time. It may lead to shorter service life.
• It has 4 work modes of the controller for protecting the pump and controller from continuous working.
• Always keep the solar panel dry and clean, the suitable angle is also important.
• Clean the pump regularly especially the water outlet and spray caps to prevent it from getting stuck.
• The pump has a large delivery volume, high delivery pressure, aimed at the maximum of its class.
• Compact size, lightweight, easily portable with no need for long extension cords or loud gas pumps.
• Easy set-up and able to work out of the box.

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