Solar Pool Ionizer System Kills Algae & Keeps Pool Crystal Clear

Original Solar Pool Ionizer Reduce Chemical Use in Pool, 85% Less Chlorine, Kills Algae, Lifetime Replacement Warranty

Original Solar Pool Ionizer - Full view of the packageThis Solar Ionizer Pool Cleaner automatically cleans the pool using solar technology to produce an electrical current to ionize Copper Anodes. These ions reduce the growth of algae and other microorganisms. It not only kills algae but also cuts the use of Chlorine by 85%, reducing the risk of chemical imbalances and keeps your pool Crystal Clear. This Ionizer is suitable for up to 35,000 Gal pools and very safe to use. The unit floats in the water and produces copper ions while being exposed to sunlight. Within a few days or a week, the product efficiently regulates the copper ion level for your pool water.
While chlorine is an effective treatment for swimming pool sanitation, it can be incredibly hard on the skin, eyes, and hair. It’s known to sting eyes and cause dry, flaky skin which can exacerbate people who are prone to skin conditions like eczema. The use of a Pool Ionizer reduces that risk quite efficiently.



How to use this Pool Solar Ionizer System: Make sure the copper anode is screwed on completely, the spring is slipped on over the copper anode and the basket is secured to the copper anode with a wing nut. When all done, just put the unit in the water and let it float! The system will start working when the solar panel starts receiving direct sunlight. For maintenance, simply clean the copper with the included brush after a few weeks, then probably once a month. The copper doesn’t have to look brand-new after cleaning, just cleaning is enough to bring back to copper color. Periodically use test strips, if the copper level gets too high simply remove the unit from the pool for a week. It’s this simple to maintain! Enjoy an algae-free pool. The copper electrode will last for about 2 years.Original Solar Pool Ionizer - Quick Details, Working Principle

Even though the Solar Pool Ionizer Kills Algae and microorganisms but you will still need chlorine and other recommended chemicals for your pool, but the required amount is far less than without using this pool cleaner. The maintenance of the Solar Pool Ionizer is very simple, easy, and cost-effective. You save a considerable amount on purchasing pool cleaning chemicals.

The product manufacturer has a lifetime replacement warranty under these terms: If your unit is broken or stops working, they will replace it for free for the first year, then at 50% discount of the sales price after that. If you register online within 30 days of your purchase, you’ll automatically receive a 50% discount on copper anode replacement kit plus 24/7 Outstanding Customer Service

Product HighlightsOriginal Solar Pool Ionizer - Verticle view

• Solar ionizer is the perfect solution to the algae problem in your pool. This complete set of algae killers can help clean your pool in no time.
• The ionization process limits the growth of microorganisms and removes unwanted mineral such as calcium in the pool water
• Works very effectively in small pools by reducing chlorine levels faster
• The solar panel is under thick covering allowing our product to last years longer. Lifetime Replacement Warranty
• This Solar Swimming Pool Ionizer will prevent algae growth in your pool and reduce the amount of chlorine and chemicals use up to 85%.
• The ionizers work perfectly fine and consistently with small amounts of Chlorine, the pH becomes very stable.
• The sunlight works with an underwater ion-disbursing anode to release copper ions that very effectively kill algae, keeping your pool clean and Crystal Clear
• Covers up to 35,000-gallon pools. It will not harm the finish of your pool or vinyl liner. Unit is compatible with salt or chlorine, above-ground or in-ground pools
• Save money on pool chemical and electric costs for combined yearly savings.


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