Ecoflow R600 Max Portable Power Station

EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station RIVER R600 Max 576Wh Backup Lithium Battery

EF Ecoflow R600 Max Portable Power Station - Featured ImageEF Ecoflow R600 Max is one of the most popular power stations on the market today. This is an upgraded version of the RIVER MAX. It has an extra battery which will double up the battery capacity of this device. It is very easy for you to get access to the power at any time you need.

Product Features

Product info & Feature List
» 3x600W (Peak 1200W) AC Outlets
» 576Wh capacity Backup Lithium Battery
» The Extra Battery doubles the capacity from 288Wh to 576Wh during situations when you need more power. Extra battery is detachable
» EcoFlow X-Stream Charge technology recharges the power station from 0-80% within 1 hr
» The patented X-Boost technology, which allows you to power devices up to 1800W (But use devices below 1200W for the best product use)
» Built-in 600W smart inverter
» X-Stream makes it one of the fastest recharging rates on the market
» Ecoflow R600 Max can Power 10 devices at the same time
» Monitor, control, and access your River Max with the EcoFlow app
» Unique modular design gives you the freedom to adjust the power and portability
» LED Flashlight
» Quiet charging
» Clean & Silent Solar Generator | A compact, reliable power source
» Ports: 3xAC Outlets, 2xDC Output, Car Outlet, USB-A Fast Charge, 2xUSB-A Output, USB-C Fast Charge
» You can power up Phones, Laptops, Drones, Kettle, Electric frying pan, Rice cooker, Coffee maker, Blender, TV, MacBook Air, CPAP machine, Kitchen tools, Home appliances
» Can not support Air conditioner, Refrigerator, Microwave, Heater
» EcoFlow offers a 24 months product guarantee
» Package also includes 5 types of charging cable (AC Charging Cable, Car Charging Cable, MC4 to XT60 Solar Charging Cable, USB 2.0 to Micro or Lightning Cable, Type C to Type C Cable)
» Dimensions LxWxH 12x8x10 inches, Weight 17 Pounds
» For Outdoor Camping RV

X-Boost Technology

This is a patented technology that is offered by EcoFlow. This technology allows you to power any devices for up to 1800W. This clever technology allows you to power up some essential devices that you want, such as home appliances, kitchen tools, and some other DIY tools efficiently.

X-Stream Charging Technology

This is another interesting technology that you can find in this device. This technology offers one of the fastest recharging rates for the power station on the market. This device has a powerful built-in smart inverter, so it can recharge from 0 to 80% of the battery capacity in less than an hour. You will be able to fully charge this power station in 1.6 hours.EF Ecoflow R600 Max Portable Power Station - What it can power up

Easy to Carry Handle

The silent solar generator has an easy-to-carry handle. You can take this device wherever you go, whether it is on a coffee table, your car trunk, or other places that you want. Ecofllow RIVER600 Max weighs about 17 pounds. Many people are interested in buying this device because of this lightweight design.

Impressive Device Compatibilities

The RIVER600 Max Portable Generator is a powerful power station that will be compatible with any essential devices or appliances. You don’t have to worry about the compatibility of this power station. Therefore, you can bring this device and use it for any of your needs.

The River 600 Max has an integrated 288-Wh Lithium-ion battery augmented with an additional 288-Wh battery module. The result is a total capacity of 576 Wh.
The integrated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) charge controller ensures the most efficient charging process.EF Ecoflow R600 Max Portable Power Station - Recharge to 0-80% within an hour

Is Ecoflow R600 Max Worth the Money?

This device is available at a very affordable price. You only need to spend less than $600 for getting this incredible device. It has a larger capacity than the regular EF RIVER600 power station.

Who Would Buy This Product?

This product is suitable for you who love traveling. It comes with a lightweight design, so you can bring this power station to any spot easily. Its fast charging capacity allows you to power up all of your devices instantly. You don’t need to wait for too long before you can start using this device.


» It can power up to 10 devices simultaneously.
» Its battery has a double capacity compared to the previous version. It has about 576Wh capacity for supporting your needs.
» Fast recharging rate.
» Noiseless and Keeps your appliances running longer


» Bulkier than the original
EF Ecoflow R600 Max Portable Power Station - Product Specs


EF Ecoflow R600 Max Portable Power Station - River Max = River + River Extra BatteryEcoFlow offers a 24 months product guarantee that will protect you from any issues that may occur with
this device. It will ensure that you will get the best experience with this powerful power station. When you find any errors on the device within this warranty period, you can always call its customer service for asking about the replacement.

Customer Experience

This product has good reviews from many users. It has about 4.5 star ratings out of 5. Most customers are pleased with its performance and device capacity. They are also happy with its lightweight design, so they can bring this device to any of their favorite spots easily.

Final Thoughts

buy at amazonWhen you are looking for a good power station for your needs, you can always rely on the performance of this unit. This EF Ecoflow R600 Max can give a clean and silent function for all users. It is suitable for any outdoor activities. It can provide enough power back up when you are traveling to any outdoor areas.

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